Meet MVP – Matt Lenning, Project Manager.

By MVP Marketing + Design | October 6, 2017

Meet MVP – Matt Lenning, Project Manager.

Meet Matt, our digital project manager here at MVP Marketing + Design. Matt works with clients and our website design and digital team to make the highest quality, most creative work possible. He went to school at the University of Northwestern in Saint Paul, Minnesota where he studied business management.

Matt describes himself as “extremely analytical” and enjoys putting the pieces in place to successfully finish projects that make a positive difference to our clients’ businesses. He loves the satisfaction of doing a great job with great people and removing roadblocks so his team can be successful. Project management is like a puzzle and Matt’s putting the pieces together.

All the Ingredients for a Great Project Manager

Matt is an avid cook. In fact, he considered culinary school before deciding to attend the University of Northwestern. He loves the challenge of creating a great dish, which may be why he enjoys project management. He finds a lot of similarities between cooking and project management. When he’s not analyzing projects, he’s analyzing recipes. When he’s not managing projects, he’s managing his ingredients.

Matt Outside of Work

In addition to cooking, Matt loves the outdoors. Whether it’s biking or hiking, he loves to travel to different places outside of Minneapolis and explore new things. As a season ticket holder for the Minnesota United, Matt is also a huge soccer fan. You can find him at almost every home game.

In addition to his love for soccer and the outdoors, Matt enjoys playing the drums. He’ll listen to any kind of music, but really enjoys jazz.

Matt’s advice for recent grads would be to be to be open, and to let new opportunities come to you. Life isn’t as easy as following a recipe. It’s rare that everything will go as planned, so be open to change.

Matt is an outdoorsy, soccer fan who loves to cook, but he is also a great project manager. Like he would for a great meal, he’s putting the pieces together for all our projects. Get to know Matt and the rest of our team in the coming weeks as we continue to bring you profiles of our great MVP’s.


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