New TCAN Website Promotes Out-of-State Alumni Networking

By MVP Marketing + Design | November 10, 2017

Minneapolis, November 10, 2017 – MVP Marketing + Design, a digital marketing and communications agency, is pleased to announce the launch of a newly redesigned website for the Twin Cities Alumni Network (TCAN). TCAN is a networking and events organization for alumni groups and local area clubs drawn from the Ivy’s and other top-ranked schools outside of the state of Minnesota.

Seeking an updated look that would provide a simple, flexible way to communicate with its member clubs, the TCAN board felt that the current site was outdated and needed a refresh. Most importantly, given the growth in smart phone usage, they wanted a responsive website that included a dynamic multi-club events calendar to encourage inter-school networking

In response, the MVP team designed a new single-page site. With greatly improved user experience, the new site helps keep members and club presidents informed of events and provides a simple method of contact for those additional clubs wishing to join the group. The streamlined site is easy to use and offers viewers the chance to see upcoming get-togethers in a clear, custom-made event calendar.

This particular feature was a large focus of the redesign, since it is used by both alumni leadership and members to promote gatherings, find events, and ensure that individual club meetings don’t overlap. Dynamic event cards invite users to click and learn details through an interactive set of icons and text.

Social media calls-to-action are also featured prominently and encourage alumni interaction on other platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin. Additionally, the site is rich in member supplied photo content, which highlights interclub social events and promotes the spirit of the organization.

Said Dick Weinrib, MVP Marketing + Design’s President & CEO, “MVP is privileged not only to have redesigned the TCAN website but to have been an active participant in founding the organization and sponsoring many of its networking and leadership events over the years. TCAN has helped many out-of-state alumni, particularly from smaller schools and colleges, find their local club, and once affiliated, enjoy the many networking and social activities which TCAN member clubs sponsor under the organization’s umbrella.” He continued, “Many thanks to the MVP website design and development team for their extra time and effort in designing and creating a wonderful website on behalf of this great networking organization.”

Visit the site:

About the Twin Cities Alumni Network (TCAN)

TCAN was cofounded by NYU and Stern School of Business graduate Dick Weinrib and Princeton University alum Peter Hammond in 2011. The organization helps foster inter-club networking events between non-Minnesotan alumni groups ranked in the US News and World Report Best (Top 50) Colleges and Universities listings. This unique organization is proud to partner with local area clubs from such colleges, universities and professional schools as: Harvard, Yale (YSM), Princeton, MIT (Sloan), Stanford, Chicago (Booth), Columbia, Penn (Wharton), Brown, Dartmouth, Northwestern (Kellogg),  Johns Hopkins, Smith, NYU (Stern), Cornell (Johnson), Georgetown (McDonough), Duke (Fuqua), Brandeis, the Service Academies, and London Business School, among others. For local school clubs seeking information about joining TCAN please contact

About MVP

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