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Tap our more than 20 years’ of industry-leading experience and proven MVP TeamMate℠ website design and development process to distinguish your firm with a secure, easy to manage website and associated digital marketing support. We’ve been a “most valuable partner” to many leading PE, sub-debt and M&A firms throughout North America with award-winning work for clients like Cortec Group, River Associates, Merit Capital, Akoya Capital, Svoboda Capital, Shoreview, JZ Partners, Shoreline Equity Partners, The Halifax Group, Prestwick Partners—and more. MVP has built its reputation as the “PE MVP” through creativity, technology expertise and a deep understanding of private capital marketing.

Become a Portfolio Company MVP with our MVP PortCoPro℠ Program

Have a portfolio company that you’re readying for sale or that could benefit from a competitive suite of website design, branding and SEO/PPC services on either a discounted “one-off” or longer-term deferred payment basis? Contact us about our MVP PortcoPro℠ program. We’ll revitalize your portfolio company with a new website and EBITDA-generating digital marketing without breaking the bank. See our Roadtrek case history below for a good example!

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Revamp your brand visually and verbally through our proven MVP BrandMate℠ process. We’ll revise your firm’s logo and regenerate its marketing DNA through a combination of our “form follows function” design process and our MVP Voice of Customer (VOC), Business and Brand Positioning Statements. Invest in a Brand Graphic Style and Tone of Voice Guide that will add value to your communications for years to come.

Custom Websites

For a remarkable design and flawless functionality there is no comparison between a custom MVP CMS website and off-the-shelf templated solutions. Consider our many PE partners who have enjoyed every step of our creative and collaborative MVP TeamMate℠ process. Through combination of affordable custom and stock photography (and videography) we’ll fulfill your vision and accomplish your goals with the type of distinctive website that has set MVP—and its clients—apart.

Digital Marketing

Buttress your new website with our comprehensive digital marketing and communication services. From a new pitch deck and one-pager to an HTML email template and search engine optimization, we’ll leverage your site imagery and generate as much as 1.5X to 2X year-over-year increase in organic site traffic, based on case history results. Partner up with MVP to discover how our integrated private capital digital marketing and communications services will make a difference.

“Demonstrating a deep knowledge and understanding of PE industry communications and our business and marketing requirements, MVP’s approach is far superior to the template-based and vulnerable solutions we saw from other agencies. They definitely lived up to their reputation as the ‘PE MVP’.”

David Schnadig, Managing Partner, Cortec Group

“We needed a full redesign of our website to make it more modern and functional. We chose MVP because of their experience in the private equity industry … we were very pleased with their performance. The team managed the project with a structured approach … Our new website is clean, functional and clearly conveys who we are and what we do. It’s also very easy to update through the tools MVP provided.”

Dennis Prado, Managing Partner, Main Street Capital

“The team at MVP was great!! They understood our business and what we needed from a new website, all of which was critical to making the project painless and productive. We are very happy with the results and believe that MVP’s creative, development and leadership skills generated just the image we need to portray to prospective clients. MVP has become the design firm of choice for those in the private equity and investment banking community who desire to partner with a firm that can hit the ground running.”

Fritz Richards, Partner, Prestwick Partners

Cortec Group


Searching for a distinctive approach to expressing their core competencies, while keeping security in mind, New York-based Cortec Group turned to MVP for their second consecutive website. Cortec’s goals included a sophisticated and easy-to-navigate site that would enhance their brand and connect to North American business owners and management teams. Additionally, they wanted to eliminate the potential for security breaches associated with both database-driven open source and .Net content management systems.

In response, MVP created a unique and professional site with a moving CEO testimonial video and custom photography. To address Cortec’s security concerns, our developers employed a static site generator approach which provides greater security than a traditional CMS. With a combination of innovative design, fluid navigation and intuitive user experience (UX), the site ensures the best interests of the firm and its stakeholders—and just received a Davey Award for its professional services creativity.

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Shoreline Equity Partners


ShoreLine needed a self-managing website that would serve as a first and lasting introduction to visitors through use of distinctive imagery and flawless functionality that would deliver a great experience and spark further interaction and deal flow.

The new custom-tailored website’s enticing beachfront imagery strikes a balance between impressive and inviting. A customized and intuitive menu helps visitors navigate the site’s rich waters. These interior site pages boast photos that speak to the many sides of ShoreLine’s business. They are all unified with a soft blue gradient that matches the ShoreLine Equity Partners logo. The site also employs MVP’s unique application of the WordPress backend site administration tool, making timely content updates as easy as a day at the beach for ShoreLine’s marketing team.

MVP, in combination with its local partner 3D Digital, provided a joint combination of team member photography and videography featuring spontaneous team member interaction and heartfelt interviews conducted by MVP with ShoreLine’s portfolio company CEOs. These elements enable this leading Florida-based private equity firm to stand out regionally and nationally in a sea of more mundane private equity websites.

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Northstar Capital Partners

Northstar sought a distinctive yet cost-effective site that would reflect its commitment to partnerships, range of solutions and professional yet personable team. The firm was drawn to MVP’s new and innovative MVP TeamPlate℠ WordPress website platform, which is based on the code derived from many of MVP’s custom-designed award-winners.

Leveraging a creative combination of both Minnesota “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and “Mini-Apple” cityscape imagery, the site asserts streamlined User Experience (UX), dynamic deal statistics, and a three-variable current/realized, industry and investment theme-based filter. Other enhancements include an MVP-customized backend content admin system that surpasses “out-of-the box” WordPress installs. The MVP team implemented SEO best practices to ensure that starry-eyed sub-debt and equity hungry CEOs and management teams find their way to the site. Showcasing Northstar’s human capital, professional photos “mouse over” to whimsical team portraits and contact information.

This latest iteration of MVP’s flexible and customizable MVP TeamPlate℠ private equity website platform is sure to set Northstar and its trusted, experienced, and committed financing partners on the course to Lower Middle Market deal flow.

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Prestwick Partners


MVP’s digital design team welcomed the challenge and drove long with a new site employing bold calls-to-action, original typography and custom iconography. A rich color scheme, and MVP-photographed team portraits reflect the firm’s industrial market focus and entrepreneur-friendly demeanor.

Like other MVP TeamMate℠ websites that outperform others on mobile devices, the site loads fast, navigates effortlessly, and is highly secure. It also features an industry first: the transaction section enables staff to create tombstones with just a JPG logo rather compositing them in a time-consuming Photoshop process.

Built on a customized WordPress platform, the team can easily maintain the site by adding, deleting and manipulating content without knowledge of HTML or the risk of tampering with underlying code. Now with their new MVP site, Prestwick and its golf-loving I-bankers are way ahead of the game.

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Svoboda Capital


Svoboda Capital Partners is a Chicago-based private equity firm that invests in leading, multi-sector, middle market growth companies. SC needed a site that would differentiate its team, process and strategy from those of other capital providers for the benefit of business owners, management teams, intermediaries and limited partners. Given an existing static HTML-based site that was devoid of a content management system, non-responsive, difficult to navigate, a complete overhaul that would set them apart from other Chicago and national private equity firms was desired.

MVP’s TeamMate℠ “form follows function” website design and development methodology appealed to Svoboda’s thinking. Action on the homepage, including dynamic deal statistics, efficient navigation and full-screen photography position the brand as friendly and trustworthy – smart and reliable partners who manage partner companies differently. MVP’s on-location site photography enlivens multiple pages while MVP homepage videography portrays the partners in authentic and lively collaboration. The new and distinctive CMS website not only fulfills its brand promise but functions as well as it looks.

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Merit Capital Partners


Merit Capital, a leading, Chicago-based middle market Private Equity firm, which has raised over $2.2 billion in capital from an investor base, which includes insurance companies, large domestic and international pension funds, family offices and more acts as both a shareholder and lender. Investing with both management teams and independent sponsors, Merit required a well-balanced site that would support its flexible approach to investing equity capital and subordinated debt.

Seeking to leverage their long-term and successful track record as a professional financial sponsor and partner, the firm asked MVP to revamp their site and enhance their unspoken value proposition. The response: a smart, streamlined site that directs visitors to calls-to-action through intuitive navigation. MVP also elevated Merit’s identity by not only leveraging workplace imagery but incorporating expertly designed filters, which help investors, intermediaries and business owners easily access needed information.

Expertly designed and transcending template-based solutions, the new MVP website speaks volumes to the firm’s team, flexible liquidity and experienced partner status.

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Origami Capital Partners


Origami sought a reimagined digital presence that would visually and verbally convey their impressive market position.

Origami and MVP crafted language and branding elements that defined their company both for internal and client-facing communications. With new outward facing business positioning statements and inward facing brand positioning terminology in hand gleaned from extensive VOC stakeholder interviews, MVP helped write copy for a reimagined website. Improved navigation is intuitive for a range of visitors, so counterparties can find exactly what they need — and quickly.

The website is responsive across varying screen sizes and Origami can easily update pages and create whole new sections through the MVP TeamMate℠ enhanced WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Providing managed services to optimize site performance post launch, website hosting and security were the last pieces of the puzzle to fall into place for one new private equity website that will perform as well as it looks.

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Roadtrek, a Former IOP Portfolio Company


Leading PE firms have selected MVP to improve the sales and profits of their portfolio companies through state-of-the-art responsive, website design and development. For example, Evanston, IL based Industrial Opportunity Partners, tapped MVP to create an impressive new site for Roadtrek – the North American leader in Class B motorhomes which MVP recently updated on behalf of Roadtrek’s current parent company, Rapido Group (France). With eye-catching consumer appeal and such functionality as a 22 variable “Build your own Roadtrek” van configurator, a multiple dealer locator tool, and US/Canada currency converter, this digital destination sets a high standard in responsive, WordPress CMS, e-Business websites.

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