New Akoya Capital Chicago Private Equity Website Cultivates a Unique Approach

By MVP Marketing + Design | May 4, 2020

Minneapolis, May 4, 2020 – MVP Marketing + Design, Inc., a Minneapolis Digital Agency serving clients throughout North America and worldwide, is proud to announce the completion of a new website on behalf of Chicago private equity firm, Akoya Capital.

Akoya Capital is a private equity sponsor that focuses on independent sector middle market businesses. Just like its precious namesake implies, Akoya seeks out rare investments highlighting their overlooked and under-marketed acquisition opportunities. Using its deep vertical market expertise, the firm has invested over $300 million of equity capital and countless hours crafting long-term value strategies for sector leaders in industry-specific platforms.

Seeking a better way to distinguish their firm and differentiate their unique strategy to all stakeholders, including family offices, industry-leading platform CEOs and the owners of the business they seek to acquire, Akoya Capital selected MVP to help them nurture distinctive brand messaging and a new and impressive website.

MVP dug right in using the MVP BrandMate™ process to help Akoya weed through their current representation vs. who the firm is today. After much voice of customer research, approximately 12 interviews inside and outside of the company, MVP proposed a consistent message and tone of voice that would effectively resonate with their diverse audiences. That language was woven into an inspiring design featuring the Chicago lakefront to effectively capture attention and direct users to key content.

Smart filters make it easy to browse the site and discover how Akoya helps business owners while communicating effectively with other key stakeholders. Easy to identify calls to action provide additional opportunities for website user to get to know Akoya.

Karen A. Scalise, Vice President of Operations spoke for the team with her glowing report of the work. “When we set out to redo our website we knew it would be a huge undertaking. We researched several leading private equity websites and discovered that MVP had created most of the ones we liked. At the time, we were in discussions with one other firm besides MVP and decided that because of MVP’s experience working with private equity firms, they would be the best partner to work with us on this important initiative.

“Their process was daunting, but necessary. MVP forced us to think about who we were, where we wanted to be and how we would get there. They worked with us to craft the messaging to our various audiences, and helped develop business and brand positioning statements that reinforced our message.   We are very pleased with the new website, MVP’s ability to stay within our budget and enjoyed working with their talented and service-oriented team.”

MVP’s President and CEO Dick Weinrib says, “Working on a time crunch is always a challenge, but with this website it was also a pleasure. Akoya was willing to evaluate their company quickly and connect us with stakeholders inside and outside of the firm so we could help them stand out as a leader in their field. Our experience with private equity websites made it possible for us to really deliver a gem of a site after we took a deep dive into Akoya’s distinctive business. Thanks to every member of the MVP branding, design, coypwriting and development team who helped us cultivate a great brand and website on Akoya’s behalf.”

To learn more about the Akoya Capital website project, please click here.

About MVP Marketing + Design, Inc.

MVP Marketing + Design is a Minneapolis Digital Agency and Website Design firm that has served Midwest regional, national and international clients for over 35 years. Our smart, eye-catching work pushes marketing, design, and technology to the limits as we propel the brands and stories of our most valued partners.

We are passionate about creating brand equity for clients in Professional Services, including private equity, mezzanine debt, M&A, venture capital, healthcare, law and consulting; Software, including FinTech, MarTech and SaaS; Manufacturing and Logistics, including medical device, foodservice, precision parts and transportation; and Consumer Products, including food, office products and housewares.

Our combination of branding, website design, development and creative services has helped global companies (3M, Medtronic, Ecolab, Lifetime Brands, NAMSA, Aimia, AdvantageData, Esprit, JobBoss, Achieve3000…), Private Equity firms (Cortec Group, Merit Capital, The Halifax Group, Harbour Group, Mason Wells, Origami Capital, Argentum Capital, River Associates, Svoboda Capital, Shoreview…), and M&A firms (Clearsight, Prestwick, PMCF, CoveView Advisors…) achieve digital marketing success.

Award-winning design, innovative functionality, and a “what’s next” mindset have propelled MVP and our clients as we build their brands, promote their products and services, and deliver business growth. We’re pleased to have been recognized for our solution-oriented work by the Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, Hermes Awards, MARCOM Awards and others. MVP is a HubSpot inbound marketing agency partner.

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