New River Associates Private Equity Website and Branding at the Confluence of Creativity and Capital

By MVP Marketing + Design | April 30, 2018

Minneapolis, May 11, 2018 – Digital agency MVP Marketing + Design, is pleased to announce the launch of a new River Associates website and brand revitalization. River Associates (Chattanooga, Tennessee) is a Middle Market Private Equity firm with over 28 years of experience and $285 million in committed capital. Guided by its philosophy of “Investments with Management,” River focuses on developing meaningful partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and integrity.

MVP uncovered those values through our BrandMate℠ competitive research and Voice of Customer (VOC) analysis. Beginning with an assessment of the websites and branding of more than 25 leading PE firms throughout North America, MVP helped River understand best practices that could be applied to its future brand regeneration, website and digital marketing efforts. Then, following a brand workshop and related exercises with the firm’s management team, as well as phone interviews with more than a dozen external stakeholders, including investment bankers, owner-entrepreneurs and intermediaries, we listened and learned. Our synthesis: Positioning the partners as private equity’s “good guys” and the firm as “transparent, ethical and seasoned,” was the path to brand and website success.

Said Megan Hunt, River Associates’ Marketing Director “It has been a pleasure to work with MVP on our rebranding efforts. Throughout the process the team was intently responsive to our feedback, considerate stewards of our stakeholder relationships, and remained mindful of our budget. From branding to web design and development, our firm could not be prouder of the end result. Thanks to the entire MVP marketing and design team for working diligently to achieve our vision. MVP has been and will continue to be a valuable partner for River Associates.”

Based on jointly voiced business and branding positioning statements, which ranged from defining brand essence and positioning to articulating brand vision and “footprints,” MVP and its client had the brand platform upon which to kick off logo and website design. With these formulations in hand, MVP boldly redesigned the client’s logo to appear more in synch with the firm’s riverfront imagery.

After completing MVP’s extensive website needs analysis and creative brief, our team of website and User Experience (UX) designers formulated a site map and then wireframes for all key website pages. Once we received client copy, MVP went to work in formulating streamlined navigation and key website sections featuring user-friendly team, portfolio and news filter functionality.

Large splashes of burgundy and gray over colorful and deeply-rooted Chattanooga, Tennessee landmark imagery, impart a modern, New South look to this responsive Private Equity WordPress website. MVP further minimized site load times and incorporated SEO keywords and metadata descriptions to boost River’s future search engine rankings. Custom interactive features and live filtering reflect the latest advances in website design and functionality. Finally, a new PowerPoint pitchbook and HTML email template rounded out the expansive brand-to-web program.

Said MVP’s President and CEO Dick Weinrib, “Beginning our engagement with MVP’s BrandMate℠ business and brand positioning process in concert with our VOC interviews was incredibly helpful to our understanding of the firm and then creating one impressive private equity website for River’s ‘Good Guys – and Gals.’ This project also reconfirms that despite the distance between Minneapolis and Chattanooga, clients across the country, and even globally, can depend upon MVP for our excellence in Private Equity branding, website design and marketing services.”

To view the website and branding click here.


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