Thought Leaders Flock to New North American Biocompatibility Summit (NABS) Website

By MVP Marketing + Design | August 29, 2018

Minneapolis, August 29, 2018 – MVP Marketing + Design, Inc., a Minneapolis Digital Agency and website design firm, is pleased to announce the launch of a new and responsive, CMS website for the first ever North American Biocompatibility Summit (NABS), held at Minneapolis’ well-known Surly Destination Brewery, September 25, 2018.

Conceived jointly by NAMSA and Pace Analytical Life Sciences, industry leading healthcare MROs and CROs, the inaugural NABS event will provide insights and expertise sharing on the biocompatibility of medical devices, including the latest regulatory updates, biological evaluation strategies and best practices that lead to successful biocompatibility programs.

In order to meet attendee needs, the two NABS founding organizations turned to MVP for a responsive, well-organized and informative microsite designed to specifically appeal to scientists and industry professionals through intuitive and seamless navigation.

Chris Rupp, NAMSA’s VP of marketing, congratulated the MVP website design and development team by saying, “Thank you for bringing the NABS vision to life in such a short period of time. The site looks professional and will serve as an incredible sales and marketing tool for the event. This is awesome!”

Separately, Tom Babineau, Pace Analytical Life Science’s, Director of Sales added, “The site looks great and we are very excited to be partnering with NAMSA on this first of many NABS events. Thank you all for your hard work and extreme talent! It’s a pleasure to have such a strong team here and it will be great exposure for MVP in the Pace network. Looking forward to future work with you.”

Leah Davidson of NAMSA’s Director of Marketing Communications added “MVP had many good ideas for crafting the site for the NABS event, the first of its kind. The site has been a success and will be an asset for attendees, enabling them to navigate the Summit with ease.”

With a straightforward MVP-designed site structure, a scrolling menu unrolls downward to incorporate all the information that participants need to view on one extended page. The eye-catching sections are cohesive with a look and feel based on the logo and its color palette.

To deepen user engagement, an interactive schedule comes to life “on click” allowing site visitors to learn about health science event details scheduled throughout the day. This format makes it easy to access the information participants require to stay on schedule.

A simple sign up form, a payment portal, and a comprehensive hub for Surly Brewing and nearby hotels deliver everything necessary to attend the event. MVP also designed custom icons representing complex medical research topics such as thrombogenicity, implantation strategies and sample management.

Dick Weinrib, MVP’s president and CEO said, “The medical device market is a key MVP vertical and this was a big opportunity to work with two prominent and collaborative firms to create an event website for some of the brightest minds in the contract and medical device industries. We were able to recommend all of the site architecture and add many fine details and subtle animations to make a website as sophisticated and interesting as the event’s subject matter.”

To view the NABS site, please click here.

About MVP Marketing + Design, Inc.

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