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This website redesign checklist is for investment banks, private equity firms and sub-debt firms looking for a professional redesign of their website or brand. The checklist is designed to help you prepare for your first meetings with design agencies and develop answers to questions that may come up. The checklist contains tasks to complete before your first meeting as well as important things to consider and discuss with your agency throughout the process.

The checklist covers everything including hosting, design, user interface, security, and more to help your new private equity or investment banking firm website function as it should.

While the initial meeting with an agency can be overwhelming or intimidating, this checklist should give you the tools, suggestions and confidence to answer questions and help you make the best decisions from beginning to end. We hope this checklist helps you move easily through your next website redesign!

Whether you represent a private equity firm, investment bank or family office, you need an agency that can help you tackle the important issues on this list as well as any other problems that come up throughout the process. At MVP, we specialize in providing effective, full-service digital marketing solutions for private equity firms, investment banks, family offices, and their portfolio companies. If you have any questions about the items on this list or are seeking
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