Aztech Locknut:
We believe the right content makes all the difference: this belief fueled a HubSpot Inbound Marketing campaign that generated a 4X increase in RFQ submissions for Aztech Locknut Company

Project Challenge

Aztech Locknut Company offers a highly-engineered commodity needed in a variety of industries. However, their marketing and sales efforts weren’t bringing in the desired results. To add to the challenge, they had an older website and a budget that didn’t leave room for any asset redesign.

Project Solution

Despite limited design and content creation time, we elevated the brand’s visuals through each campaign. We took the information we were given and came up with a strategy, using our Hubspot partnership, to create a series of compelling offers that would draw in customers and give them the information they wanted. With limited input, we wrote an e-book on prevailing torque locknuts with a landing page, series of emails, blog posts, and social media posts to support the book. This inbound marketing and SEO strategy paid off through a 4X increase in RFQ submissions in the first week.

Client Take

“We’re super excited about the new marketing projects and opportunities MVP is delivering on and presenting, including inbound marketing campaigns, SEO and web site updates. We’ll continue our HubSpot campaigns next year and beyond.”

Mark Kaindl, President

Inbound Marketing
Increase in RFQ Submissions


Increase in Contacts


Increase in Contacts from Organic Search


Increase in Customers


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