FalconPoint Partners:
New York-Based Private Equity Firm Soars to New Heights with MVP Website Redesign


FalconPoint Capital Partners, a distinguished New York-based middle-market private equity firm, recognized the need to enhance its digital presence to accurately reflect its exceptional reputation within the industry. Facing issues with an outdated and non-compliant website, FalconPoint enlisted the expertise of MVP to redesign an online destination that would attract visitors. The existing website lacked cohesive visual branding and did not effectively communicate the firm’s expertise and success in deploying significant capital in business services, industrial, and consumer sectors. The firm’s immediate need was to support an upcoming fundraise, requiring a revamped website that would not only meet compliance demands but also resonate with key stakeholders including investors, regulators, and management teams.


MVP embarked on a comprehensive redesign of FalconPoint’s website, ensuring that the new site would meet the sophisticated demands of an upper middle market private equity firm. The project began with a thorough needs analysis to understand the client’s business objectives, target audiences, and desired outcomes. Based on the insights gathered, MVP developed a user-friendly site architecture that consolidated critical content such as Investment Strategy, Our Approach, Team, and Portfolio onto a single page for ease of navigation. News and contact information have dedicated pages to enhance user engagement and facilitate communication. The Investor Login is seamlessly integrated into the site header, allowing for secure and straightforward access for investors. The visual design adopted a clean, organized aesthetic with a color palette of blues and greys, aligning with FalconPoint’s requirement for a website that mirrors the quality seen across other leading private equity firms. This design not only supported FalconPoint’s branding but also ensured that the site was easy to read and navigate. Built on the robust WordPress Content Management System (CMS), the new website provides FalconPoint with the flexibility to maintain and update content as needed, supporting the dynamic nature of their business. The site is optimized for various browsers and devices, including PC (Chrome™, Internet Explorer), iPad® (Safari®, Chrome™), iPhone® (Safari®, Chrome™), and Android™ phones (Chrome™), ensuring a consistent and responsive user experience across all platforms. MVP employed SEO best practices throughout the design and development phases to enhance FalconPoint’s online visibility. This strategic focus aimed at increasing organic search traffic and improving the firm’s ability to attract and engage prospective clients.

The launch of the new FalconPoint Capital Partners website marked a significant step forward in the firm’s digital marketing strategy. The website supports FalconPoint’s fundraise efforts by effectively communicating its value proposition and investment success to a global audience. Feedback from stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive, with particular praise for the site’s professionalism, organization, and ease of use, which have collectively served to strengthen FalconPoint’s position as a leader in the private equity space.

Through this project, MVP not only delivered a functional, compliant, and aesthetically pleasing website but also reinforced FalconPoint’s brand as a trustworthy, transparent, and partnership-centric firm committed to long-term success and excellence.


“Thank you for your hard work helping us build the FalconPoint website. We are impressed with the quality of the site and look forward to working with you on upcoming PortCo website design projects.”

Andrew Singer, Partner and Chief Investment Officer

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