ShoreView Industries:
Private equity websites must be responsive: a new brand image, CMS website and email template revitalized ShoreView Industries' identity and responsiveness

Project Challenge

As the first point of contact, a website must make a good impression. Unfortunately, a non-responsive, content-heavy site kept ShoreView Industries, a leading Minneapolis-based private equity firm, from making lasting connections. As an added challenge, ShoreView requested that we keep imagery to a minimum in the new design; they wanted compelling copy to drive the site.

Project Solution

Working from minimal assets, we modernized ShoreView’s online presence with a new brand identity and a responsive website that featured a new logo and subtle, clean transitions. We created an editorial style site with plenty of white space to separate text and create visual interest. Our team crafted unique icons to add color and clarity throughout the site, especially to the extensive case studies section. We also created an HTML email template to help ShoreView present consistent outbound communications to its audience of business owners, investment banks and intermediaries. Last but not least, we helped to increase Shoreview’s site visitors by 131% over a two-year period without a supplemental monthly SEO program.

Website Design & Development
Branding & Logos
Two-Year Increase in Site Visitors Through SEO Best Practices


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