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Distinguish your Private Capital Firm with an
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Ideal for Private Equity, M&A and Junior Capital firms seeking a combination of MVP’s Award-winning website creativity and WordPress Content Management System (CMS) functionality, we offer our most valuable partners the “look and feel” of a custom-tailored private capital website at a competitive good, better and best pricing basis.

Over 10 private capital firms have selected MVP TeamPlate Websites to give them additional budget for supplementary projects such as visual and verbal branding, videography, photography, two-pagers, PowerPoint decks and more.

Adapt, modify and choose from a variety of typographies, videos, photos, color palettes, graphics and navigational elements to create a site that is uniquely your own at a price you can afford.

Incorporate additional features when and where you want them without sacrificing the security, SEO friendliness and ease of administration of a custom-coded site. (You simply can’t do this with other code-bloated SaaS solutions and third-party WordPress website themes and templates.)

• Easily add new drop down menu navigation, filters, videos, data room connections, maps and more, either yourself or with only minimal MVP support

• Google-friendly search engine optimization (SEO) features are built into your website’s page structure and WordPress website code

• Maintain the site yourself with our customized and easy-to-use WordPress content administration system (CMS), which acts and feels like Microsoft Word

• Get custom quality “look and feel” through the creative resources of an award-winning Private Capital team with over 22 years of industry experience and 75 PE, I-bank and portco sites under their belt

• Add-ons are always available for both MVP TeamPlate Website and MVP TeamPlate One-Page Website tiers

MVP TeamPlate℠ One-Page Website

All your content in a simple, one-page layout*
*Layout alterations beyond section arrangement and page omission are not included and subject to additional charge

MVP TeamPlate℠ Website

Multiple pages with user-friendly interface
- Your choice of branding, colors, images, fonts and content, including copy, photography, video and PDFs
- Contribute your ideas to our homepage design and mood board to ensure that we convey your vision for success

MVP TeamPlate℠ Website Add-Ons

Enhance your MVP TeamPlate℠ Website with one or more of the following features:
- Add Eye-catching Hover Effects and Special Animations to engage website visitors
- Enrich User Experience (UX) through Multi-Level Portfolio Company Filters and News Feeds
- Expand Page Count as needed
- Alter Layout and Styling to your Specifications (within MVP TeamPlate's limits)
- Add Home Page Video and Testimonials as needed

MVP TeamPlate℠ Websites in Action

Head over to our example website to see the possibilities.

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Gemini Investors

Our Newest MVP TeamPlate℠ Private Equity Website


Gemini Investors, Boston, established 1993, is a private equity firm that has invested over $700M in 170 different companies throughout the United States, sought to refresh their dated site with a new one reflecting their partnerships with smaller middle market businesses. The MVP TeamPlate℠ solution enabled Gemini to showcase their significant investment history in such sectors as Business Services, Consumer Products and Services, Healthcare, Later Stage Technology, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Waste & Recycling. The new site features a custom edited Boston flyover video to deepen engagement with their audience of business owners, intermediaries and investors.

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Woodward Park Partners

Our Newest MVP TeamPlate℠ I-Bank Website


Woodward Park Partners, Detroit’s emerging force in middle-market investment banking, engaged MVP to craft a website that showcases their expertise and vision. As a firm with deep roots and ambitious goals, they needed a platform to highlight their distinguished approach to mergers, acquisitions, and financial advisory. MVP responded with a bespoke, intuitive site that not only reflects Woodward Park’s commitment to integrity, teamwork, and excellence but also showcases their deep transactional experience and sector-specific knowledge. Designed for maximum impact and user engagement, the website features a clean, professional layout with sophisticated visuals, detailed service overviews, and interactive bios of key team members. This robust online presence not only elevates Woodward Park’s brand but also solidifies their reputation as a premier advisor in the dynamic world of middle-market investment banking.

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Laurel Oak Capital Partners

MVP TeamPlate℠ One-Page Website


Laurel Oak (Boston) required a fresh new look for their website that was customizable, affordable, and easy to maintain. Working closely with MVP, they opted for the MVP TeamPlate℠ One-Page WordPress Website. This is a one-page scrolling website that offers more design flexibility, faster load time, and better SEO characteristics than WordPress themes, templates, and SaaS solutions such as Wix, Weebly and SquareSpace. The MVP site also features a user-friendly backend administration system making updates a breeze. The new site positions Laurel Oak Capital as ethical and professional partners and impresses visitors with its functionality and design. MVP’s solution complied with the client’s budget and time constraints and allowed the firm to focus on growing its business.

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Fidus Partners

MVP TeamPlate℠ Website


Fidus Partners, a merger and acquisition advisory firm with a 25-year track record of innovation and success, wanted a high-impact yet cost-effective website that would communicate its advisory services through distinctive imagery and interactive design. The firm turned to MVP’s MVP TeamPlate WordPress Website software platform, which offers custom website design flexibility at lower overall cost than SaaS- and theme-based websites. The site features Charlotte, NC, and New York City imagery, a streamlined User Experience (UX), dynamic deal statistics, a filterable industry menu selector featuring MVP’s custom tombstone builder, and an MVP-customized backend content admin system. Fidus’s new site doubles down on projecting its brand through a modern responsive CMS website that’s as impressive on mobile devices as it is on desktop.

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Benford Capital Partners

MVP TeamPlate Website


Benford Capital Partners, a Chicago-based private equity investment firm, wanted a cost-effective, self-managing website, a modernized logo, and a two-page corporate capabilities brochure that would rival those of firms many times their size. In response, MVP delivered an innovative MVP TeamPlate WordPress site that offered Benford custom design, lower cost and faster time-to-market. The site features engaging Chicago photography, streamlined User Experience (UX), multi-level drop down menu navigation, filterable portfolio companies, a customer login page, and more. Benford’s new site is also search engine optimized and offers the most user-friendly backend site administration system available. The new web presence positions Benford as one of Chicago’s finest private equity investment firms.

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CCG Advisors

MVP TeamPlate Website


CCG Advisors, a boutique investment bank based in Atlanta, required an affordable and creative website to maintain its competitive edge in the wake of the pandemic. The firm turned to MVP for its investment banking and private equity branding expertise and opted for the MVP TeamPlate Website platform. The site visually features inspiring cityscapes of Atlanta, strategically placed gold accents, and a classic font. The platform delivers flawless functionality and improved user experience design through its easy-to-use and administer WordPress CMS. The site also features a custom “tombstone maker” and an MVP-customized WordPress CMS, which allows for easy transaction updates and media addition, ensuring that the site can keep pace with CCG’s upward trajectory.

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Northstar Capital

MVP TeamPlate℠ Website with Add-Ons


Northstar Capital, a trusted financing partner, wanted a cost-effective website that reflected its commitment to partnerships, range of solutions, and professional yet personable team. Despite budget limitations, Northstar opted for MVP’s innovative WordPress website platform, MVP TeamPlate, which offers distinctive design and flawless functionality associated with custom-tailored websites. The site showcases streamlined User Experience, dynamic deal statistics, and a three-variable filter. Northstar also chose to include add-ons like team portrait hover effects, a thematic focus section, and more complex filtering. MVP implemented SEO best practices to ensure high visibility for CEOs and management teams.  MVP’s flexible and customizable website platform is sure to help Northstar set its trusted financing partners on the course to Lower Middle Market deal flow.

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Keswick Partners

MVP TeamPlate Website


Keswick Partners, a private equity firm serving business owners and management teams in the lower middle-market, needed a distinctive new corporate identity and website that demonstrated their relationship-focused liquidity solutions and management equity opportunities. They turned to MVP to rapidly design and deploy their new site. MVP created a clean mountainscape logo that inspired the homepage imagery of a scenic country road winding its way through the foothills of the Smokeys. Keswick chose the MVP TeamPlate WordPress Website for its design flexibility and value, featuring dynamic deal statistics, vibrant team photos, carefully selected MVP stock photography, numerous custom crafted icons, and more. Keswick’s new site is sure to take the highroad to driving value through partnership.

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Zabel Companies

MVP TeamPlate Website


Zabel Companies, a private investment firm based in Charlotte, NC, wanted a new and fresh website to communicate its unique approach and values to their audience of business services, niche manufacturing and distribution partner companies. The solution was MVP TeamPlate, which allowed them to deploy an industry-leading private capital website that distinguishes them from competitors while being fast and easy to operate. The new site reflects Zabel’s core values of integrity, hard work, partnership, and accountability through creatively using Great Smokey Mountain imagery and inviting on-site photography. The MVP TeamPlate platform ensured that the site was easy to administer, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly.

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Midwest Mezzanine Funds

MVP TeamPlate Website


Midwest Mezzanine Funds (MMF) sought to upgrade its former site to a creative and affordable solution that could be implemented quickly and efficiently. They chose MVP TeamPlate for their audiences of private equity firms, independent sponsors, family offices, and management teams, while delivering flawless functionality through MVP’s customized and easy-to-use WordPress content management system. MVP projected a modern and efficient look that holds its own with the best in the industry. The site includes dynamic deal statistics, multi-filter current, realized and sector portfolios, and an SEO-friendly content structure. MMF also opted to include MVP SearchMate℠, a premium subscription SEO service offered by MVP, to enhance its online visibility and attract potential clients.

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Centerfield Capital Partners

MVP TeamPlate Website with Add-Ons


Centerfield Capital Partners, a unique firm offering both control equity and junior capital/mezzanine debt solutions, wanted to revamp their digital presence with impressive imagery that reflects their core values and diverse offerings. MVP utilized baseball metaphors to shape the perception of the private equity partners as committed team players with a winning track record. The MVP team added custom features, including a filterable investment portfolio and moving deal statistics, to make the site more robust and engaging. Centerfield Capital also opted for add-ons such as a new “strategies” section with expanded pages, layout/styling adjustments, and more. Centerfield’s Strategies section effectively articulates the firm’s unique position in the market by highlighting its dual focus on control equity and junior capital/mezzanine debt solutions. The customized backend admin system can be learned by any Centerfield teammate, which makes updating content and creating new webpages remarkably easy.

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“Demonstrating a deep knowledge and understanding of PE industry communications and our business and marketing requirements, MVP’s approach is far superior to the template-based and vulnerable solutions we saw from other agencies. They definitely lived up to their reputation as the ‘PE MVP’.”

David Schnadig, Managing Partner, Cortec Group

“On behalf of the squad at Svoboda Capital, we would like to thank the entire MVP team for a job well done on recreating our website and providing us with team photography and videography. The resources at MVP seamlessly collaborated to deliver a successful launch on time and on budget. Your vision, insights and creativity have helped cast a new light on our organization, and for that, we are forever grateful. We appreciate all the hard work and energy that went into this project and we would be happy to be a referral source whenever possible.”

Jeffrey S. Piper, Managing Partner (Former), Svoboda Capital

“The results of our partnership with MVP are truly exceptional. The comprehensive brand overhaul and custom-built website have enabled us to present a cohesive and authentic brand that truly resonates with our current and prospective portfolio companies, investors, and other stakeholders. The MVP team was easy to work with and met our budget expectations.”

David Bell, Managing Director, Beedie Capital

“The MVP team did a great job of not only redesigning our website but in helping us articulate our mission, vision and values. Their ability to provide an outstanding combination of visual and verbal imagery and messaging really helps set us apart from our competitors and sets them apart from the other marketing firms we interviewed. We’re pleased to recommend MVP to other I-Banks and Private Equity firms seeking the ‘best of the best’.”

Trevor Hulett, Managing Director, R.L. Hulett

“The site is fantastic! We knew we had a tight timeline and a lot to accomplish. MVP gave us the best of both worlds: A fast time to launch and all the features we needed. The collaboration process was professional and productive. Couldn’t be happier with how it all came together. We appreciate MVP’s excellent work.”

Chris Hart, Managing Partner, Keswick Partners

“Our new website highlights our expertise in mergers and acquisitions and showcases the team, our focus, and our experience in a way that resonates with viewers.  The MVP team was fantastic throughout the redesign process, and the resulting website has been a homerun!”

Tom Wylly, Senior Partner, Brentwood Capital Partners

“Although they’re about 1,200 miles west of us, MVP built us a great website that more than meets our expectations. We researched and interviewed many other New York based website design and branding firms, and we chose to work with MVP. Now that they’ve completed our site (on time and on budget), we’re looking forward to the next phase of our project through additional projects such as content development, investor and how-to videos, PPC advertising, SEO and more. The process with MVP exceeded our expectations.”

Anthony Morena, Principal, Mortar Group

“Fantastic. Looks great. Big day for the firm. Thank you again for all the work from the MVP team.”

Jay Radtke, Senior Managing Director, Mason Wells

“Seeking to refresh our website and marketing collateral but having limited experience with website design firms, we didn’t know where to start. Fortunately, we were introduced to MVP through a friend of the firm who had previously worked with them on their own private equity website. MVP took the time to understand our business and crafted a proposal to deliver everything we were seeking at a very reasonable price. Their partnership, attention to detail, and creative approach resulted in a mezzanine capital website that’s truly one-of-a-kind.”

Nathan A. Tokarz, VP of Business Development, Midwest Mezzanine Funds

“The website exceeded our expectations, and we’ve received excellent feedback from stakeholders who have visited both the old and new site. It was a smooth process from start to finish.  We couldn’t be happier with our MVP TeamPlate℠ website. It has everything we need with a customized look that we love and many advanced features. Many thanks to the MVP team!”

Bryan Donlin, Senior Vice President, CCG Advisors

“(MVP) really did a great job and I am thrilled with the outcome. I am an investor in a couple of companies and both need new websites and I will let you know what we can do to have you update them. Everyone on the MVP team has been highly professional. You guys are the best. I’d be pleased to serve as a reference for your firm.”

Randall Katz, President & Founder, RK Capital

“I just wanted to say thanks from the Shoreline Team for all the work on creating a great website. I know COVID-19 made this a longer project than normal but we are very pleased with the outcome. We have had a lot of good feedback on the website. Thank you very much!”

Ian Garland, Vice President, Shoreline Equity Partners

“We chose MVP to help us refresh our website because of their experience in the private equity industry as well as their unique MVP TeamPlate℠ offering. Our team is very happy with the final result!”

Ethan Eid, Principal, Northstar Capital

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For private capital firms seeking custom-designed solutions based on internal and external stakeholder and competitive analysis, MVP has you covered. Our custom-tailored websites for leading North American private equity, M&A and Sub-Debt firms combine trend-setting design with robust functionality to create award-winning online experiences. Often premised on our MVP BrandMate℠ brand architecture process to craft impactful brand positioning statements and website copy, our custom-designed websites typically feature third-party or MVP-provided videography and portrait photography. They can also incorporate advanced filters, CRM integrations, newsfeeds and more. Our “Best of the Midwest” crew of designers, developers, project managers and copywriters will go the extra mile to realize your vision and accomplish your goals. Contact us to learn more.

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