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MVP SearchMate℠ – Boosting Online Presence for Private Capital Firms, PE Portcos, and B2B Products & Services Companies

In today’s digital landscape, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for Private Capital firms, Private Equity Portfolio companies (Portcos), and B2B/B2C products & services companies to maintain website visibility and competitiveness. Search engine algorithms, such as those used by Google and Bing, are constantly evolving to improve search result accuracy, combat spam, and adapt to user behavior. These changes make it challenging for companies to consistently keep their websites optimized for search engine rankings and maintain their visibility. To overcome these challenges, businesses need to stay ahead of the game with their SEO strategy.

The MVP SearchMate℠ process is a proven and scalable SEO solution to meet the needs of Private Equity/M&A firms, PE portcos, and B2B and B2C products and services companies

Built on our extensive experience in CPG SEO for well-known consumer brands like Pfaltzgraff™, Mikasa™, Post-it™, and Scotch™, MVP SearchMate℠ stands apart from other B2B SEO solutions by combining cutting-edge automated tools with the technical insights, content creativity, and real-world experience of human experts.

Today, MVP applies its track record of retail success to the benefit of boutique private capital, healthcare/medical device, and other highly specialized B2B products and services companies, including those in the healthcare and medical device industries.

Our SEO strategists and content writers analyze data from multiple sources to provide custom-tailored strategy for your website. Our human touch ensures that your website receives relevant traffic that aligns with your business needs and goals, resulting in a higher return on your digital marketing investment. Unlike purely automated “link farm” solutions that generate low-quality and spammy links, which can result in ranking penalties from Google and hurt your online visibility,

MVP SearchMate℠ uses a combination of advanced automated tools and expert human analysis to synthesize data, identify key insights, and create a comprehensive SEO strategy that delivers tailored onsite and offsite results. This approach ensures that your website receives high-quality links and achieves better results than any purely automated system could achieve, without the risk of dubious connections or ranking penalties that can harm your online reputation.

Our clients come from a variety of industries and company sizes, ranging from “big brand” e-commerce projects for Life Time Brands and 3M Office Products to boutique private capital and professional services firms like Brentwood Capital (M&A), Midwest Mezzanine Funds (Junior Capital), and Messerli Kramer (law). We’ve also provided SEO services for “Request-a-Quote” manufacturing clients like JobBOSS Software and PE portfolio companies such as Roadtrek (Industrial Opportunity Partners), Achieve3000 (Insight Venture Partners), Mold-Craft (Westfall), and NAMSA (ArchiMed). From FinTech to BizTech and from EdTech to HealthTech, we’ve got you covered!

Regardless of your market or industry, our six-step process guarantees top-notch results by keeping your website competitive in search engine rankings and promoting lasting growth.






We analyze your current search marketing efforts using the latest analytical SEO tools, including our MVP SearchMate℠ reporting system, which works in tandem with Google Analytics. We evaluate site code, META data, traffic patterns, and the efficacy of your external site referral network.





Strategy Definition

We compare your SEO-readiness rankings to the competition and devise tailored onsite and offsite SEO strategies with clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on our years of experience working with big brands and e-comm clients.





Technical Improvements




We minimize page load times, implement responsive design, define META data, and adhere to user experience and development best practices. We also obtain authoritative backlinks to enhance your site’s recognized authority.


Technical Improvements




We improve both visible and behind-the-scenes elements of your website, including META data image descriptions and site copy. Our focus is on making your messages and calls-to-action relevant, clear, and “keyword-rich.”

Keyword Rankings

META descriptions



Social Media




We elevate your SEO rankings through blogs, content copywriting, social media, and live-action and motion graphics video, ensuring a delightful customer experience both on your site and across the web.


Social Media




We help you maximize your reach and minimize your budget by analyzing the results of organic search and paid search strategies. At MVP, we spend smart and deliver data-driven insights to ensure the best possible outcomes.




B2B MVP SearchMate℠ SEO Results

Average Organic Growth


Average New Users


Average Bounce Rate Reduction


Unlock your brand’s full potential with the MVP SearchMate℠ SEO program. Check out our Roadtrek Case Study to learn how our expertise and strategies led them to excel in the digital landscape and how we can do the same for your business.

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