Akoya Capital:
New Private Equity Website Cultivates Investments that Inspire and Strategies that Deliver

Project Challenge

Akoya Capital, based in Chicago, is a leading independent sector-focused private equity sponsor that creates and nurtures partnerships between management and capital and invests in middle market businesses with attractive growth prospects. With over $300 million of equity capital invested, the firm required an updated website to align with their premier reputation of crafting long-term value strategies for sector leaders in industry-specific platforms. Akoya, who’s namesake is the rare pearl known for its luster and elegance, seeks the same qualities in its investments. Based on its deep vertical market expertise, Akoya focuses on uncovering the hidden potential of overlooked and under-marketed acquisition opportunities. Recognizing that its site was coming up short in terms of form, functionality and branding, Akoya sought MVP’s “wisdom of the web” to cultivate a pearl of a site with branding that runs deep.

Project Solution

The first step was to clarify Akoya’s independent sponsor value-proposition to its key stakeholders including management teams, sector leaders and family offices. Thankfully, MVP’s BrandMate℠ process was the perfect tool to achieve clear and consistent Voice of Customer (VOC) research-based messaging, which was subsequently woven into effective website content. Primed with stakeholder-focused branding, inspiring website and UX design, and smart filters that guide users to key content and calls-to-action, Akoya was able to shuck its old site for a new gem.

Client Take

“When we set out to redo our website we knew it would be a huge undertaking.  We researched several private equity websites and discovered that MVP had created most of the ones we liked.  At the time, we were in discussions with one other firm besides MVP and decided that because of their experience working with private equity firms, they would be the best partner to work with us on this important initiative.  Their process was daunting, but necessary.  MVP forced us to think about who we were, where we wanted to be and how we would get there.  They worked with us to craft the messaging to our various audiences, and helped develop business and brand positioning statements that reinforced our message.   We are very pleased with the new website, MVP’s ability to stay within our budget and enjoyed working with their talented and service oriented team.”

Karen A. Scalise, Vice President, Operations

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