New Industrial Marketing Branding Raises Expectations for Global Door and Spring Manufacturer

Project Challenge

Industrial Door Company, Inc. (IDC) has provided premium garage doors from Minneapolis, MN, since 1974. They also own Industrial Spring Company and Holmes Spring Manufacturing. They sell their products in both North America and worldwide. Given their continuing new product acquisitions and expansion into global markets, they required a comprehensive brand to web asset revitalization that would cohesively integrate their core companies and founder’s DNA.

Project Solution

MVP applied its proven BrandMateSM voice of customer (VOC) process to interview vendors, customers and internal staff. By uncovering the company’s personality traits, likes and dislikes and ultimately what it would take to obtain more business, MVP discovered two key themes: IDC cares deeply about their employees and acts selflessly in the best interest of their customers. MVP incorporated these insights into the rebranding process. Results included an HR video designed to attract hard to find manufacturing and customer service talent, which featured emotive staff testimonials, an IDC technology showcase, and a friendly and action-oriented work environment.

IDC also sought a new master brand logo and sub-brand logos to differentiate and integrate divisions as diverse as Spring, Fasteners, Cable and Track. The new logo, which features abstract imagery of an open door synched to the new MVP-derived tagline (Empowering People. Unleashing Potential. Delivering Results) seamlessly integrates with the sub-brand logos, fonts, colors and iconography. New business collateral, business cards and letterhead, tradeshow display and website wire frames also leverage the revised logos and branding.

Client Take

“MVP took an active and genuine interest in understanding who we are as an organization. They brought fun and structure to the rebranding process! They did an excellent job of understanding who we really are – taking the time to understand our values, people, customer channels, products and proceeded to craft a fresh and relevant brand construct. I was most impressed in MVP’s ability to create a brand that reflected a real depth of understanding of who we are and position the brand to work for multiple channels of our business. I’d highly recommend MVP and we will continue to use them for our marketing needs in our future.”

Jodi Boldenow, President and Co-owner

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