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Project Challenge

Based in Chicago and New York, and with more than $1 billion of assets under management, JZ Partners has an established track record of investing alongside the owners and management teams of privately held businesses to build successful companies and create long-term value. In 2013, JZ Partners commissioned MVP to create its earlier website. As the firm expanded operations throughout North America, and raised funds in the EU, the client believed brand revitalization was in order. First, JZ Partners asked MVP to create a new corporate brochure that would enhance the effectiveness of its Chicago and New York offices. Impressed by the imagery, typography and iconography, JZ Partners tapped MVP to mirror the design for its website and unify all marketing assets into a narrative based on the theme of “Tailored solutions for flexible growth.”

Project Solution

Leveraging the “look and feel” of the new brochure, which reinforces the firm’s unique patient capital, non-control approach, MVP’s user experience architects and web designers optimized navigation so that site visitors would be able to reach the site sections intuitively based on their individual needs—and as quickly as possible. Collapsible windows in such areas as equity recapitalization, management buyout and family succession planning unfold on click to reveal more detailed information. Innovative cards, charts and iconography invite visitors to learn more on “mouse-over.” Complex filters expedite all types of industry sector and portfolio company status.

The tone of the new website reinforces the firm’s reputation as collaborative partners who create value and find tailor-made opportunities, which is aptly reinforced by JZ Partners’ impressive new and downloadable brochure PDF which is always a click away.

The entire site is dynamically responsive and optimally resizes for either desktop or mobile interfaces. MVP’s enhanced prowess in WordPress website customization gives JZ Partners’ team the ability to update content and create whole new sections with ease.


“We admire our new website as much as the corporate brochure. Leveraging our Chicago presence while incorporating glimpses of our New York locale, MVP’s designers, developers and project managers did an awesome job in translating our unified brand-to-web experience in a way that encourages stakeholders to contact us regardless of wherever they might be and whenever we’re needed. With stunning imagery and a website that looks and works great on both desktop and mobile devices, not to mention one that we can manage entirely by ourselves, we are very proud to point the owners and management teams of the privately held businesses we advise to our new web presence.”

The JZ Partners Finance and Business Development Team

Website Design & Development
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