Safe Passage for Children of Minnesota:
New Non-Profit Website Has Much to Celebrate


Based in Minneapolis, Safe Passage for Children of Minnesota advocates for improvements in the state’s child protection and foster care system.  Safe Passage was instrumental in increasing funding for such programs by $260 million or 60 percent, adding 14,500 Minnesota children to those who receive child protection services each year. The organization is also helping reduce systemic disparities for Black and Indigenous children through increased funding for services to prevent child maltreatment among those populations.

In commemoration of MVP’s 35th year in business, MVP doubled down on its earlier pro bono design of the organization’s brand identity through a recent corporate sponsorship of a three-part webinar series on the impact of COVID-19 on victims of child abuse and neglect with a further commitment to redesign the non-profit’s website. The Challenge: Boost outreach efforts with an improved site that would resonate with caregivers, the Minnesota State Legislature and generous donors alike.


Safe Passage for Children of Minnesota’s mission is “to ensure that Minnesota has a child welfare system in which children are safe and reach their full potential.” These words inspired MVP’s brand-to-web design and development team to contribute their best to a cause that was in synch with MVP’s own Most Valuable Partner ethos.

Engaged by the smiling faces of a diverse group of Minnesota children hailing from the four corners of the globe, site visitors are led to an informational grid displaying What we Do, Volunteer, Resources and Donate Calls-to-Action. Scrolling further leads to such CTAs as “Give to the Max,” Recent Events, Latest Blog, Contact and another friendly reminder to “Donate.”

Flawlessly functional on smartphones and tablets, and rich with videos, publications and research, MVP helped Safe Passage make the journey from a basic SquareSpace template to a custom-designed and SEO-optimized WordPress website that supports the Client’s goal of a Minnesota child protection and foster care system that continuously improves the lives of children—and website that performs as well as it looks.


Many thanks to the MVP team for their generous contributions of the time, effort and talent beautifully reflected on our new WordPress website as well as their social media sponsorship of our earlier CV-19 victims of child abuse seminar series. We appreciate the thoughtful approach taken to streamlining our site navigation so that stakeholders, whether individual citizens, state legislators or donors, can reach their desired page destinations in the most efficient manner possible. We also love the inspiring, caring and collaborative imagery that not only engages but motivates our audiences to respond to our resources and support our fund-raising efforts. Having worked with MVP on multiple Safe Passage projects, I can certainly recommend them to any organization seeking a Most Valuable Partner for branding, website design, development and digital marketing support.

Rich Gehrman

Executive Director

Website Design & Development
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