Plante Moran Investment Banking Affiliate Sets its Sights on a Global Market

Project Challenge

With offices in Detroit, Chicago and Denver, investment bank PMCF provides merger and acquisition services to companies throughout The Americas, Europe, and Asia. Since its inception, the firm has successfully completed more than 300 financial advisory engagements for a wide array of clients in virtually every business sector, including individual and family-owned businesses, large public companies, and private equity firms. Seeking to jumpstart its digital marketing effectiveness locally, regionally and globally, PMCF not only required a new website but the branding and website copy and imagery that would enable it to compete with the best of the bulge bracket investment banks on a leaner and more effective basis.

Project Solution

Through application of the MVP BrandMate℠ process, the project commenced with a series of in-depth interviews with the former company stakeholders. The goal: To articulate the firm’s value proposition and differentiate it from its competitors through a series of compelling brand architecture statements and subsequently through site copy.

MVP’s team worked tirelessly to revamp PMCF’s branding-aesthetic and story line while its Full-Stack Developers created an MVP-customized WordPress CMS website, which avoided the use of third-party plugins and maximized such enhancements as intuitive navigation, compound filters, animations and MVP’s own tombstone builder, which enables the client’s non-technical staff to easily import transaction logos into the site without Photoshop. PMCF’s impressive revitalization was guaranteed further success through application of the MVP SearchMate℠ SEO process, enabling PMCF to generate qualified leads around the corner—or around the globe.

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