Nashville Startup Unlocks LMM Private Equity Access for High-Net Worth Investors through MVP Branding and Gold-Award Winning Website


Emerging as a new force in the private equity space, Praxess Capital (Nashville, TN) faced the critical challenge of establishing its brand and digital identity. The task at hand was to accurately articulate Praxess’ innovative approach, focused on providing “Private Access” for high-net-worth individuals and family offices to the lower middle-market (LMM) sector. This called for a comprehensive approach that involved not just the creation of a visually appealing and functional website but also the development of a cohesive brand narrative that could resonate with both potential clients and industry peers. The solution required a balanced approach, carefully crafting a brand identity and digital presence that would effectively communicate and engage with their target audience, while differentiating Praxess as a first mover in the wealth advisor to private equity vertical.


MVP approached the task with a comprehensive strategy that integrated brand development, in-depth market analysis, stakeholder insights, and advanced website design and development. The journey began with the MVP BrandMate℠ process, a methodology that involved a thorough competitive analysis of the private equity sector and insightful interviews with Praxess’s key leadership. This produced a detailed examination of the market dynamics and the internal perspective on Praxess’s brand identity. From these rich insights, MVP constructed robust Business and Brand Architecture statements that would lay the foundation for Praxess’s public persona. These statements were carefully crafted to encapsulate Praxess’s mission, vision, core values, and unique selling propositions, resonating both internally and with the target audience.

Parallel to the branding effort, the MVP TeamMate℠ approach to website design and development began with an in-depth discovery phase that established clear objectives and a profound understanding of the client’s market ambitions. Next, an intuitive site map and detailed wireframes ensured that the website structure was both user-friendly and strategically aligned with Praxess’s goals. The design phase then transformed these blueprints into a visually engaging and responsive website, mirroring Praxess’s newly established brand identity. In the development phase, MVP brought the design to life using the latest web technologies to build a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also secure, scalable, and SEO-optimized. The project culminated with extensive testing, a carefully planned launch, and swift training for Praxess’s team, enabling them to effectively manage their digital presence.

To further bolster Praxess’ market entry, MVP created a suite of branding and marketing materials, including a PowerPoint slide deck and a 2-pager. These materials were designed to leverage the essence of Praxess’s brand and offerings, providing a consistent and powerful message across all platforms. The slide deck and 2-pager served as essential tools for Praxess in client presentations and meetings, encapsulating the firm’s value proposition in an impactful and easily digestible format.

MVP’s solution for Praxess Capital was a harmonious blend of strategic brand development, advanced digital execution, and comprehensive marketing material creation. The site effectively establishes Praxess’s brand and digital identity, positioning them as a forward-thinking and accessible player in the private equity sector. The site was recently recognized with a Gold Award for Website Design in Professional Services at the 2024 Hermes Awards.


“We greatly enjoyed working with everyone at MVP. They have been excellent partners during the website building and branding process. Communication was always simple and straightforward, and they delivered exactly what we wanted. The new site expresses our individual market position and unique investment ethos effectively and with stunning creativity. We appreciate MVP’s desire to work hard, manage costs and think outside the box. Thanks to the entire team for a successful launch!”

Jamie Wildman, CEO

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