New Branding, Name and E-Comm Website Help Single Source Technology Provider Go to the Future—and Beyond!

Project Challenge

Teksetra, formerly BLM Technologies, is a national provider of single source technology solutions serving financial institutions, governmental agencies, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, retail franchises, hospitality services—and more. Faced with the challenge of generating new business in uncertain times, BLM sought to jumpstart opportunities through a bold new e-Commerce website in place of an earlier “call for quote” approach. Seizing on the opportunity go the extra mile, the company chose to simultaneously reinvent its brand and rename itself in the process. The Client turned to MVP for a holistic solution that would integrate all brand-to-web components in a way that would give new life to the organization’s mission: To be the nationally trusted, single source, comprehensive business technology support, service, and hardware provider.

A key part of Teksetra’s rebranding challenge was ensuring that their new brand would be as effective and searchable as their old brand. They needed a strong SEO strategy to advance lead conversions in the North American market and maintain their position as a leading technology solutions provider.

Project Solution

MVP’s first step entailed applying its MVP BrandMate℠ process, which included extensive internal and external stakeholder interviews, to generate business and brand positioning statements and subsequently visual imagery that would reflect Teksetra’s capability to provide end-to-end technology solutions that “maximize uptime and minimize downtime.” Once verbal messaging was approved, the client asked MVP to generate a new company name that would signify that Teksetra engineers custom technology solutions that help enterprises succeed, grow, and serve the needs of the remote workforce. They also needed to meet technology and automation challenges by providing comprehensive IT lifecycle solutions in payment and transaction, imaging, digital signage, onsite repairs, maintenance repair center service, IT outsourcing, and more.

As part of the MVP BrandMate℠ process, MVP ideated over 500 unique corporate names and researched and validated them through a combination of client and customer feedback as well as preliminary trademark and URL search availability. The MVP-proposed name “Teksetra” was forged to signify the company’s ever-growing commitment to serving new customers while expanding its full range of products, services, technologies, and markets. The new tagline “Trusted. Flexible. Responsive.” embodies the client’s commitment to not only serving new E-comm customers but those who have relied previously on Teksetra’s stellar customer service and sales team for velvet glove support.

To help Teksetra exceed BLM conversions, MVP introduced their proprietary SEO solution, MVP SearchMate℠, designed to optimize Teksetra’s online visibility and improve search engine rankings. MVP SearchMate℠ involved extensive keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and content marketing strategies tailored specifically to Teksetra’s target audience and industry. This comprehensive SEO approach allowed Teksetra to increase organic traffic, boost lead conversions, and maintain their position as a leading technology solutions provider in the North American market.

Complementing the rebranding initiative and following the award-winning MVP TeamMate℠ website design and development process, the new custom-tailored WordPress Woo eCommerce website features many new capabilities, services, and learning resources and will soon integrate with the client’s ERP system.

Key features of Teksetra’s extensive rebranding & renaming, website design & development, and marketing communications & SEO project are highlighted below:

  • A new and modern corporate name, logo, and tagline reflecting Teksetra’s continuous growth and evolution
  • New brand standards featuring vibrant imagery, colors, and typography that subtly reinforce the company’s legacy while embracing a sleek modern look that can be easily applied to all online and off-line marketing communications assets
  • Intuitive website navigation and expanded resources that create a user-friendly environment that streamlines customer service capabilities
  • Comprehensive eCommerce functionality that expands order processing capabilities and creates an efficient new way for customers to order online and ultimately integrate with the company’s ERP system
  • Highly customized MVP WordPress CMS site administration that enables marketers to add and remove content, install plug-ins and even create whole new sections with minimal training
  • Dynamic Brand Reveal Video created in-house and designed by MVP to motivate Teksetra’s customers into learning more about the reason for the name change and the company’s single-source technology provider brand value position; please click here to view the video

Teksetra’s new brand name, E-Comm website, and marketing communications system, coupled with MVP SearchMate℠ SEO solution, will be sure to keep pace with its mission of being the leading single-source IT technology solutions provider today, tomorrow—and beyond!


“The launch of our new eCommerce website is an exciting day for all of us! The brand revitalization that MVP helped us achieve, reflects our passion for innovation and provides the opportunity to introduce exciting new capabilities, services, and solutions as well as enhance our existing offerings. We truly appreciate all of your team’s hard work in helping us finally get to this point!”

Gretchen Kalthoff
Vice President of Marketing

Website Design & Development
Branding & Logos
Referral Users Increase


Teksetra Search Traffic Increase Over Former Brand


Bounce Rate Decrease


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