Dual Brilliance: Boston-Based Gemini Investors’ New Private Equity Website Shines Twice as Bright with MVP’s Touch

By MVP Marketing + Design | October 17, 2023

Minneapolis and Boston, October 17, 2023 – MVP Marketing + Design, Inc., an award-winning Minneapolis and Boston digital agency, proudly announces the launch of a newly redesigned website for Massachusetts-based private equity firm, Gemini Investors. Established in 1993, Gemini has invested over $700M in more than 170 diversified, US-based platform investments. Their investment strategy encompasses a mix of smaller LMM B2B, B2C, and healthcare companies, demonstrating their commitment to a diversified portfolio. Their refreshed website combines this rich legacy with a user-friendly backend architecture and modern digital functionalities that engage both experienced management teams and strong growth prospects.

Leveraging its creative and cost-effective MVP TeamPlate℠ web design process, MVP has seamlessly integrated the distinctive features of a custom website with the operational efficiency of an MVP-modified WordPress content management system (CMS). Furthermore, the site is bolstered by MVP-dedicated server Cloud hosting services, ensuring lightning-fast load times, maximum uptime, and stringent security. The new platform retains the core values and key content elements of Gemini’s previous website while introducing featured form and functionality improvements like a Boston Harbor flyover drone video, customized photography, stage and industry portfolio sorting filters, and an expandable “quick take” news section.

Dick Weinrib, MVP CEO & Founder, expressed, “Our work with Gemini Investors has been a rewarding blend of innovative design and functionality. The redesigned Gemini MVP TeamPlate℠ website combines the best aspects of high-end custom sites at reduced cost thanks to our efficient MVP WordPress website framework. This revamp not only showcases Gemini’s strengths but also sets them apart from much larger private equity competitors.” Weinrib added, “With our growing footprint on the East Coast, we’re proud to be the ‘Most Valuable Partner’ for an expanding list of private capital firms, from New England all the way to Florida.”

To learn more about the project, please visit the Gemini Investors portfolio page.

About Gemini Investors

Gemini Investors is a private investment firm established in 1993, specializing in the smaller end of the middle market. With a flexible investment approach, Gemini commits to crafting individualized investment structures to meet the unique needs of each partnered company, across sectors like Business Services, Consumer Products and Services, and Healthcare. The Massachusetts-based firm has invested over $700 million in more than 170 companies across the U.S., showcasing a longstanding dedication to fostering growth and ensuring sustainable partnerships.

About MVP Marketing + Design, Inc.

MVP Marketing + Design, Inc., is an award-winning digital agency based in Minneapolis, with a Boston satellite office. With over 38 years of experience, MVP has established itself as a leader in branding, website design and development, digital marketing (including SEO, PPC, and social promotion), and videography services. The agency has successfully served a diverse range of clients, including private equity firms, investment banks, mezzanine debt providers, real estate syndicates, and divisions of the Fortune 500, including 3M’s Consumer, Healthcare, and Industrial groups, as well LMM and Professional Services firms in related markets across North America and globally.

MVP’s commitment to excellence has earned numerous accolades including multiple Hermes Awards, Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, and MARCOM Awards, among others.

MVP partners with WordPress VIP, HubSpot and Lead Forensics to offer clients value-added design, development and lead generation services.

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