New site for community development fund extends nonprofit’s reach

Project Challenge

Community Reinvestment Fund, USA is mission-driven nonprofit lender helping underserved neighborhoods across the nation. The CDFI has worked with its partners to fund $2.4 billion in loans to small businesses and communities in need. Through the years, CRF has created or retained over 85,000 jobs.

Many types of visitors access CRF’s site: donors, small business owners, referral partners, lending agencies, and more. CRF needed a site that could guide each of these groups to find the pages and actions relevant to them. And they wanted a way to link to coordinating pages based on anticipated audience paths.

The website also had to be WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0 compliant, which posed challenges from a design and development standpoint as the new site had to accommodate visitors with auditory, visual and other disabilities.

Additionally, the CRF brand required an update to better adapt to the web, sell their services and reflect their accomplishments.

Project Solution

Before commencing work, MVP collaborated with CRF to craft seven user personas including philanthropists, small business owners, lending partners and more  in order to understand how they would ideally navigate the site.

The new user-centric site approach encourages visitors to explore CRF’s strategy and track record of success. Panels at the bottoms of selected pages preview images and snippets of other pages; a design that keeps visitors clicking to see the breadth and depth of this CDFI’s work.

To encourage action-taking, MVP also created two tiers of top-navigation offering visitors a simple, yet intuitive means of interacting with the site.

Real-world photos help tell CRF’s story and MVP employed current web design trends, including large statistics and custom iconography to produce a cutting-edge website. Fonts were carefully chosen to reflect CRF’s mission to inspire change with a bold style and modern touch.

MVP’s rigorous site functionality review included WCAG 2.0 compliance testing, such as a contrast test of the text for color blindness making the site more accessible for those with this disability.

And the MVP-customized WordPress (CMS) platform makes the site easy to update without need for external support. The end result is an engaging, accessible and impressive CDFI website designed to grow with this rising nonprofit’s trajectory.

Client Take

“Thank you for all of the hard work and talent you brought to this project to help us tell the story of how CRF improves lives and strengthens communities. We enjoyed working together to create a well-organized site that our visitors can explore. And we are extremely satisfied with the beautiful end result.”

Katelyn Bednarski, Director of Marketing

Website Design & Development
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