NAMSA Global MRO Websites:
New Multilingual Sites for Medical Research Organization Connect Customers Worldwide

Project Challenge

NAMSA is a global Medical Research Organization (MRO) accelerating product development through integrated laboratory, clinical and consulting services. They are unique in their method of reducing time to market and costs for medical device production. Known throughout the world, NAMSA wanted to enlarge their global presence. They sought localized sites for Germany, France, China and Japan that would employ streamlined user paths to improve conversion. The sites also needed to accommodate the translated copy into the same confines as the U.S. site.

Project Solution

Each of the four sites had unique design elements with the base layout remaining the same. The branding, logo, colors, font and some universal design components unify the separate sites. A few of their sections, such as the blog, linked back to the U.S. site. In these instances, a pop-up informs users that they are leaving the local site, eliminating confusion. By redeveloping and hosting the global sites, MVP ensured a geographically-aware hosting solution improving localized performance. The four fast and easy-to-navigate global sites extend NAMSA’s reach in their respective local markets.

Website Design & Development
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