New Formacoat Biomedical Coatings Website Takes Shape with MVP


Formacoat, a global leader in advanced biomedical coating services based in Minneapolis, once again collaborated with MVP Marketing + Design, Inc. to create their third website in 15 years. MVP’s previous client projects included branding, logo redesign, search engine optimization, advertising, and design and promotion of tradeshow displays for MDM West and Minneapolis. As MVP’s six-year-old Joomla site had surpassed its usefulness, Formacoat aimed to align their established MVP-designed branding with their advanced biomedical coating capabilities and services. The objective was to position Formacoat favorably among its US and international competitors while ensuring user-friendly interactions for prospective medical device clients seeking information on its services.


MVP initiated the project by analyzing Formacoat’s brand assets. Using its proven MVP TeamMate℠ website design and development process, MVP sought to comprehend and rejuvenate Formacoat’s online presence.

Employing its gated methodology, inspired by the waterfall method of software engineering, MVP embarked on the project by engaging in comprehensive discussions with Formacoat’s management team, including President and Founder Mark Gross. The primary goal was to identify, comprehend, and align with the website’s content and design requirements.

MVP seamlessly integrated Formacoat’s value proposition, which revolves around enhancing global medical device design, functionality, and performance through cutting-edge coating-engineered solutions for scalable production. The collaborative effort resulted in a website user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) that authentically echoed the company’s commitment to close collaboration with clients, ensuring flawless operation and showcasing their expertise in applying hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings to medical devices.

The newly unveiled website showcases Formacoat’s extensive catalog of coating solutions and partnerships, meticulously optimized for search engines to elevate their individual and collective online presence. Moreover, it features a efficient navigation and a simplified contact form, facilitating seamless user interaction. MVP also ensured that Formacoat can effortlessly maintain and update the site through an MVP-customized WordPress CMS, surpassing standard out-of-the-box solutions. This approach provided a flexible, user-friendly, and scalable solution adaptable to the company’s evolving needs while seamlessly “making the tools of medicine run smoother.”

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