Gallant Capital:
Brave New PE Website for Gallant Capital, LA


Gallant Capital, a middle-market private equity firm with over $1B in AUM, approached MVP to create a new trend-setting website that would better communicate this Los Angeles firm’s unique value proposition to their diverse target audience. Gallant’s existing website was a SquareSpace effort, lacking in sophistication and messaging tailored to their various audience segments. The Gallant team required a new site that would differentiate them from their competitors and present a fresh, modern, and bold image to the PE market.

To achieve success, MVP needed to understand Gallant’s target audiences and the partners’ desire to create a highly relevant and engaging interactive experience. MVP also had to showcase Gallant’s unique value creation process “OTX™: Onboard, Transform, and Exit” and commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. Furthermore, incorporating elements of minimalist, clean, and genuine design while avoiding excessive brand imagery, language and emotion was essential. Finally, ensuring the website could be easily updated with new content, including portfolio companies, news articles, and press releases, was a priority.


MVP collaborated with Gallant’s team to develop a distinctive custom-tailored site that met and exceeded their requirements. The new site features a sophisticated, visually appealing and cohesive design that reflects Gallant’s “OTX” value creation process and depicts the team in a fresh and vibrant manner. The presentation includes minimalist design elements, inspiring and accentuated stock and team photography, clean lines, and an authentic approach to representing the firm’s capabilities, portfolio and news.

To cater to Gallant’s Business Services, Technology and Industrial verticals, the user experience was tailored with streamlined navigation and engaging content. Web visitors can now effectively find answers to their questions and needs on the website.

The clear presentation of Gallant’s unique value proposition and their trademark value creation process “OTX: Onboard, Transform, Exit” is showcased through case studies, quotes from partners and founders, and visuals that convey the firm’s proprietary value creation approach.

Finally, the MVP WordPress-modified content management system (CMS) allows Gallant’s marketing team to easily update the site with new portfolio companies, news articles, and press releases in a self-service manner.

This brave new website sets Gallant apart from its competitors, effectively communicates their unique value proposition, and appeals to their multifaceted target audience. MVP’s solution has positioned Gallant for continued success in the highly competitive middle-market private equity space.


“Awesome job launching our website! Thanks so much. We are so happy with it!”

 Karen Parks, Principal

Website Design & Development
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