Midwest Mezzanine Funds:
New Chicago Junior Capital Provider’s Website Scores Senior Level Results


Based in Chicago, IL, Midwest Mezzanine Funds (MMF) is a lower middle market junior capital provider focused on financing private equity acquisitions of businesses in the manufacturing, distribution and services sectors. Since its founding in 1992, Midwest Mezzanine Funds has provided over $1 billion of junior capital to more than 130 privately-owned, lower middle-market companies throughout the United States. Midwest Mezzanine continues to provide customized and flexible financing solutions through its sixth $250 million fund, Midwest Mezzanine Fund VI SBIC, L.P.

Hamstrung by a former site that did not offer the styling and flexibility needed to make quick and easy content updates, MMF sought a creative and affordable solution that could be implemented quickly and efficiently, especially in light of renewed demand for junior capital as concerns about the pandemic began to fade. Turning to MVP for its award-winning expertise in private equity and mezzanine debt branding and website design, MMF’s partners agreed that an MVP TeamPlateSM website would fit the bill for their audiences of private equity firms, independent sponsors, family offices and management teams while delivering flawless functionality through MVP’s customized and easy-to-use and administer WordPress content management system.


Over its 30 year history as one of the oldest continually managed mezzanine firms in the United States, Midwest Mezzanine has remained committed to the lower middle market and its reputation as a trusted and dependable partner. From coast-to-coast, the principals at Midwest Mezzanine have established and grown relationships with sponsors, intermediaries, banks, management teams and professional service firms.

The site’s customized homepage reflects the qualities that make Midwest Mezzanine so successful in the Windy City junior capital market —and nationally. From the inspiring Chicago skyline imagery to the sublime use of the firm’s distinctive yellow trade dress, MVP projected a modern and efficient look that holds its own with the best the industry has to offer. Augmented by features such as dynamic deal statistics; multi-filter current, realized and sector portfolios; and an SEO-friendly “customer catchin’” content structure, the site functions as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop.

Functionality is the foundation of improved user experience (UX) design and an MVP TeamPlate℠ site, which is based on the code of many of the firm’s more complex customized engagements, accounts for this. More flexible in terms of design variation than either “off-the-shelf” WordPress themes or SaaS solutions from such providers as Wix, Weebly and SquareSpace, and relatively fast to and affordable to implement, there are many other features that make cost-effective MVP’s TeamPlateSM websites not only look great but perform on par with design and development time-intensive custom solutions.

MVP also provided a 2-page overview brochure, website hosting and an add-on SEO project. Regarding the latter, MVP’s search engine optimization team ratcheted up the site to a 90% technical rating and the “Top Three” rank nationally when compared to the other junior capital providers with whom MMF competes.


“We were seeking to refresh our website and marketing collateral but had limited experience working with creative website design firms and didn’t really know where to start looking for a partner who could meet our unique needs.  Fortunately, we were introduced to MVP Marketing + Design through a friend of the firm who had previously worked with them on their own private equity firm website.  MVP took the time to understand our business and goals and they were able to craft a proposal that would deliver everything we were looking for at a very reasonable price. Through the design process, we developed an excellent partnership with MVP and their attention to detail and creative approach resulted in a mezzanine capital website that is truly one-of-a-kind. Thank you so much, we love it!”

Nathan A. TokarzVice President of Business Development

Website Design & Development
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