Twin City EDM:
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Project Challenge

For sixty years Minneapolis-based Twin City EDM (TCE) has built a global precision parts machining and manufacturing reputation. As a company that “can perform the seemingly impossible,” they required a multi-market site that would showcase their diverse medical device and industrial machined parts capabilities. They also sought high-value lead generating customer clicks from increased Google rankings. MVP was confident that revamping TCE’s former run-of-the-mill industry standard template into a sharp, customized CMS website would funnel qualified customers into their value-added sales process.

Project Solution

TCE longed for site that would engage and inspire. And MVP delivered. Synthesizing bold colors, impressive photography of machines in action, unique type fonts and compelling dynamic designs, the end result was a site that was miles ahead of the competition.

Blocks of text can stall site exploration. MVP partnered with TCE to craft custom icons that portray diverse industries and types of machines available. Now, site visitors can instantly find the right solution engineered to meet their needs. And a variety of text preview boxes, colors and creative elements encourage potential leads to keep on clicking.

MVP also employed advanced SEO techniques to attract more site traffic. Once visitors arrive, the site layout offers multiple conversion paths with clear calls to action. And as a standard MVP functionality, the website experience is seamless on mobile devices and easy to edit and update as well. Keeping the messaging on machining, all form and functionality elements work harmoniously to wow more and more customers every day proving that Twin City EDM is engineered for success.

Client Take

“As a leading provider of world class medical device and industrial parts machining and manufacturing services, our site is an important asset when it comes to generating new business. We know our competitors are just a click away and an impressive site helps tell our story. MVP was goal-oriented and had many fine strategies to maximize traffic and click throughs. We were impressed with the site’s inventive design, fast loading time on all devices and the ease with which we could make updates. Bottom line it reflects positively on our brand and is as unique as our business. That feeling is shared by our customers – and the Twin City EDM team alike.”

Steve Lindell, Vice President

Website Design & Development
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