MVP 2022 Year in Review

Check Out these Award-Winning and Trendsetting Private Capital websites that set MVP — and our Clients — Apart


New Websites, Branding, and Digital Marketing Solutions Defined the Year and Set the Stage for 2023

Based in Minneapolis with a Boston satellite office, MVP had an incredibly successful 2022, launching a record number of custom-tailored websites and branding projects for clients in private equity, investment banking, real estate finance, and registered investment advising. Our trendsetting web designs featured modern visual techniques, animations, and videos while our brand revitalizations helped our clients better tell their stories. We also introduced our creative, cost-effective and fast-to-deploy MVP TeamPlate℠ WordPress website platform for clients seeking a value-based web solution as well as our new remote CEO portfolio company testimonial video service, which helps PE firms cost-effectively convey their value creation plans. Collectively, our innovative creative services and technology innovations raised the standard for excellence in private capital digital marketing and design and we invite you to review our accomplishments and contact us if you have a project you’d like to discuss.  Thanks from the MVP Team for taking a look!


Private Equity & Sub-Debt Firm Websites


Investment Banking


PE Portfolio Company (Platform) Websites


Real Estate Finance & RIA


CEO Portco & Sector Testimonial Videos


MVP BrandMate℠ Brand Architecture &
Corporate Identity Projects

Projects Launched and Started during 2022

“The site is fantastic! We knew we had a tight timeline and a lot to accomplish. MVP gave us the best of both worlds: A fast time to launch and all the features we needed. The collaboration process was professional and productive. Couldn’t be happier with how it all came together. We appreciate MVP’s excellent work.”

Chris Hart, Managing Partner, Keswick Partners

“The site [looks] very good and [is] something we can all be proud of.”

Eliot Peters, Managing Partner, RA Capital

“Our new website highlights our expertise in mergers and acquisitions and showcases the team, our focus, and our experience in a way that resonates with viewers.  The MVP team was fantastic throughout the redesign process, and the resulting website has been a homerun!”

Tom Wylly, Senior Partner, Brentwood Capital Partners

“Although they’re about 1,200 miles west of us, MVP built us a great website that more than meets our expectations. We researched and interviewed many other New York based website design and branding firms, and we chose to work with MVP. Now that they’ve completed our site (on time and on budget), we’re looking forward to the next phase of our project through additional projects such as content development, investor and how-to videos, PPC advertising, SEO and more. The process with MVP exceeded our expectations.”

Anthony Morena, Principal, Mortar Group

“Fantastic. Looks great. Big day for the firm. Thank you again for all the work from the MVP team.”

Jay Radtke, Senior Managing Director, Mason Wells

“Seeking to refresh our website and marketing collateral but having limited experience with website design firms, we didn’t know where to start. Fortunately, we were introduced to MVP through a friend of the firm who had previously worked with them on their own private equity website. MVP took the time to understand our business and crafted a proposal to deliver everything we were seeking at a very reasonable price. Their partnership, attention to detail, and creative approach resulted in a mezzanine capital website that’s truly one-of-a-kind.”

Nathan A. Tokarz, VP of Business Development, Midwest Mezzanine Funds

“The website exceeded our expectations, and we’ve received excellent feedback from stakeholders who have visited both the old and new site. It was a smooth process from start to finish.  We couldn’t be happier with our MVP TeamPlate℠ website. It has everything we need with a customized look that we love and many advanced features. Many thanks to the MVP team!”

Bryan Donlin, Senior Vice President, CCG Advisors

“(MVP) really did a great job and I am thrilled with the outcome. I am an investor in a couple of companies and both need new websites and I will let you know what we can do to have you update them. Everyone on the MVP team has been highly professional. You guys are the best. I’d be pleased to serve as a reference for your firm.”

Randall Katz, President & Founder, RK Capital

“The MVP team came through again with another well designed private equity platform company website, which they tackled, no less, over the holiday season. We appreciate the new corporate brandmark they designed along with the Integra website’s smart design, efficient functionality, and ease of use. Based on our repeated work with them since 2016, they are a highly valued partner for brand-to-web design, development, and digital marketing support.”

Jason Van Zant, Managing Director, Keystone Capital, Integra Testing

“I just wanted to say thanks from the Shoreline Team for all the work on creating a great website. I know COVID-19 made this a longer project than normal but we are very pleased with the outcome. We have had a lot of good feedback on the website. Thank you very much!”

Ian Garland, Vice President, Shoreline Equity Partners

“We chose MVP to help us refresh our website because of their experience in the private equity industry as well as their unique MVP TeamPlate℠ offering. Our team is very happy with the final result!”

Ethan Eid, Principal, Northstar Capital

Custom-Tailored Websites
The Best of Form and Functionality 

MVP’s “Best of the Midwest” crew with over 75 private capital and portfolio company websites under our belt (since 2000) offers distinctive, premium quality and full-stack custom designed websites that are as good or better than the competition. In 2022, MVP partnered with such Private Equity firms as Beedie Capital (Vancouver, BC), Mason Wells (Milwaukee, WI), and Real Estate PE firm Mortar Group (New York City, NY) to revitalize their branding and websites with the latest in form and functionality. Likewise, MVP’s team created trendsetting websites for such prominent investment banks as RA Capital (San Diego, CA), R.L. Hulett (St. Louis, MO), and Brentwood Capital (Nashville, TN). MVP has a deep understanding of private capital site requirements and used both its knowledge and experience to differentiate each of these firms from their competitors. Sites like these featured such differentiating enhancements as video montages; CEO testimonial videos; custom portfolio, news and team filters; investor portals; and exceptionally easy-to-use and administer MVP-customized WordPress content management systems. Our detailed needs analysis process ensures that your brand and website will receive the focus and attention they need to showcase your firm’s unique points of difference and your team’s accomplishments. Contact us for a free consultation and a complimentary SEO assessment.

MVP TeamPlate℠ Websites
A Customized WordPress Website with Advantages over SaaS-Based Alternatives

MVP helps growing and often cost-sensitive private capital firms achieve the “look and feel” of custom-tailored websites for less through its MVP TeamPlate℠ website design and development tier. MVP TeamPlate℠ WordPress sites offer many of the features and functionality of their custom counterparts, but at lower cost and with faster time-to-delivery. In 2022, MVP utilized its MVP TeamPlate℠ platform to elevate the web presence of such private capital firms as CCG Advisors (Atlanta, GA), Keswick Partners (Tampa, FL), Midwest Mezzanine Funds (Chicago, IL) and Zabel Companies (Charlotte, NC). By employing code used on MVP’s award-winning custom Private Capital websites in combination with the underlying WordPress website platform, MVP has been able to deploy a more flexible and SEO-friendly site than such SaaS solutions as Wix, Weebly and SquareSpace. MVP TeamPlate℠ sites feature customized designs, flexible typography and color palette, custom and stock photography/videography and efficient navigation –– free from the extraneous code and plugins characteristic of more formulaic, SEO handicapped and inflexible SaaS solutions and WordPress themes used by others. Contact us to learn how an MVP TeamPlate℠ website can help you afford not only a good website but a great digital marketing package with such add-ons as branding, logo, 2-pager, videography, PowerPoint, HTML newsletter and more…

Video Production
From Onsite to Remote Video, We Bring Portco CEO Stories and Case Histories to Life

In 2022, we collaborated with some of the industry’s top firms, including Mason Wells (Chicago, IL), Svoboda Capital (Chicago, IL), Brentwood Capital (Nashville, TN), R.L. Hulett (St. Louis, MO) and Wind Point Partners (Chicago, IL) to create high-impact home page and CEO portfolio company testimonials. Our in-house team understands the importance of creating videos that not only reflect the CEO’s and deal team’s success stories but bring them to life through compelling graphics and animation effects. Though it’s “have camera, will travel” when it comes to on-location shoots, our new Remote Video service, which we forged during the Pandemic, saves our clients time and money as it eliminates the need for crew travel. We simply send a kit consisting of a GoPro camera, desktop lighting and mic to the CEO, coach them remotely over Zoom, and they then return the kit to MVP for SD card extraction and post-production complete with all the graphic effects. Then on to the next CEO until we complete production and deliver the files–and a compelling online testimonial case history. Have a value creation plan worth sharing? Please contact us to learn how we can make it come to life.

MVP BrandMate℠ Messaging
Giving Voice to Clients and their Stakeholders to Distinguish these Firms

MVP excels in helping private capital firms articulate their brand messaging and unify their corporate communications through its MVP BrandMate℠ process. Based on a combination of internal and external (Voice of Customer) stakeholder interviews, competitive website and business and brand architecture statement formulation, our marketing team applied the MVP BrandMate℠ process to formulate the verbal and visual brand scaffolding of such leading private equity, investment bank and real estate equity firms as  Beedie Capital (Vancouver, BC), R.L. Hulett (St. Louis, MO) and Mortar Group (New York City, NY), respectively. If it’s time to tell your story in a new and more vibrant manner, we look forward to discussing how our MVP BrandMate℠ process can revitalize your messaging and help you attract the stakeholders you’re seeking whether they be CEOs and management teams, intermediaries, investors or new employees. Click here to learn more.

MVP BrandMate℠ Corporate Logo Creation & Development
New Identities to Distinguish New Firms and Platforms

MVP’s expert design team is celebrated for their ability to craft award-winning visual identity solutions for private capital firms. In 2022, we helped R.L. Hulett (St. Louis, MO), Keswick Partners (Tampa, FL) and Integra Testing (Mentor, OH) a Keystone Capital (Chicago, IL) portfolio (platform) company, modernize their brand identities through our logo creation, development, and redesign services. We have worked closely with these firms to understand their unique value propositions and target audiences and leveraged this information to create corporate identities that reflect each of their brand personalities.  If you’re contemplating a new website it may also be the right moment to introduce a new logo. Let’s discuss!

Investor Communications and Presentation Support
A Go-to Resource for GP and LPAC Decks

MVP is a leader in designing and populating investor decks that connect PE presenters with their audiences. In 2022, we collaborated with such prominent firms as MiddleGround Capital (Lexington, KY) and Plexus Capital (Raleigh, NC) to create engaging PowerPoint presentations for use in investor presentations and subsequent corporate communications. Our design team utilizes best practices such as information flow, visual hierarchy, data visualization, and strategic messaging reiteration to create clear and cogent imagery and messaging that will  capture and hold investor and portfolio company management attention alike. Many of our website design projects entail PowerPoint presentations add-ons too, so please don’t hesitate to ask us to include them in your next request for estimate.  Click here to learn how we can help.

Brentwood Capital Advisors SEO Results

Total Website Traffic +75%

Brentwood Capital Advisors is a Nashville-based investment bank providing M&A, recapitalization, divestiture, and growth capital advice to middle market healthcare providers. The MVP SearchMate℠ SEO program boosted Brentwood’s website traffic by optimizing key search terms, phrases, and technical meta data.

Midwest Mezzanine SEO Results

Organic Search Traffic +25%

Chicago-based Midwest Mezzanine Funds (MMF) provides junior capital for private equity acquisitions in manufacturing, distribution, and services sectors. MVP designed and enhanced MMF's website using its SEO program, MVP SearchMate℠, increasing its six-month search engine visibility and relevant traffic by targeting market-focused keywords, resulting in new investor leads.

Mortar SEO Results

Domain Trust Flow +33%

Mortar, a New York-based private equity firm, specializes in high-return and risk-adjusted multifamily real estate investments. Following a website redesign and domain name change, MVP's SearchMate℠ helped improve the search engine friendliness, credibility of the new domain, and trust flow of Mortar's website through link-building tactics that focused on acquiring high-quality, relevant backlinks from trustworthy sites. The result was a substantial YOY increase in search engine visibility, rankings, and website traffic. MVP also provides Mortar with PPC support as well.

Great Work For Great Clients

WordPress VIP Silver Agency Partner

Secure Cloud Hosting for Agile Content Management 

We are pleased to announce that in 2022 Automattic, WordPress’s parent company, designated MVP as a WordPress VIP Silver Agency Partner. Built on a solid enterprise-grade foundation, WordPress VIP is the agile content platform that helps content teams move both faster and smarter to drive more growth. This secure Cloud hosting system is ideal for either larger private capital firms or their portfolio companies that require secure hosting for intense, high-volume website traffic. With demonstrated WordPress VIP hosting success for enterprise clients like Salesforce, Merck and Capgemini, please contact us for a demo.

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