New Halifax Group Private Equity Website: A Declaration of Impressiveness

By MVP Marketing + Design | October 14, 2019

Minneapolis, October 14, 2019 – MVP Marketing + Design, Inc., a Minneapolis Digital Agency serving clients throughout North America and worldwide, is proud to announce the completion of a new website for The Halifax Group.

“Creating value through our commitment to partnership.” This statement introduces The Halifax Group to visitors of their new digital presence. The name Halifax comes from the Halifax Resolves, which predate America’s Declaration of Independence, a nod to the firm’s culture of independent thinking, which MVP embodied in the new website.

For over 20 years, Halifax has focused on private investment opportunities between $50 million and $300 million. The firm is recognized nationwide with offices in Washington, D.C., Dallas, TX, and Raleigh, NC.

MVP set out to design Halifax’s new responsive CMS website in a way that would highlight the firm’s independent brand persona. Through the MVP TeamMate℠ website design and development process, MVP’s team conducted extensive competitive research which led to impressive visuals, intuitive navigation and all-important calls-to-action.

Halifax Vice President, Allie Laborde spoke positively about the MVP experience, “When we saw some of the distinctive private equity websites MVP created, we knew that we had found the right partner. We valued the dedication and expertise they brought to every stage of the project. They were able to design our vision, listen closely, keep everything moving, and exceed our expectations. Thanks to everyone for going the extra mile, we love the final result.”

Typical WordPress websites from other digital agencies resort to out-of-the-box installs and slow-loading plug-ins. MVP creates sites with customized styling and backend administrative tools to make loading fast and ensure that “breaking” a site with new updates is virtually impossible. The new Halifax site can resize instantly for mobile viewing. It also features MVP’s customized version of the WordPress CMS to make even hefty content updates a breeze. It features a drop and drag backend tool for Halifax employees that requires no knowledge of HTML coding.

MVP’s President and CEO Dick Weinrib added, “Like their namesake, we resolved to enable Halifax to express their individuality, diversified and somewhat eclectic market coverage and extensive case studies through a great website that not only sets Halifax—but MVP—apart.  We’re particularly pleased that our Minnesota-based firm’s market reputation has enabled us to reach out to a PE firm based not only in the heart of the nation’s capital but in the fast growing markets of Dallas and Raleigh.”

To view the new The Halifax Group website, please click here.

About MVP Marketing + Design, Inc.

MVP Marketing + Design is a Minneapolis Digital Agency and Website Design firm that has served Midwest regional, national, and international clients for over 32 years. Our smart, eye-catching work pushes marketing, design, and technology to the limits to propel the brands and stories of our most valued partners. We are passionate about creating brand equity for clients in Professional Services, including private equity, mezzanine debt, M&A, venture capital, healthcare, law and consulting; Software, including EdTech, CAM, and factory automation; Manufacturing and Logistics, including medical device, foodservice, precision parts and transportation; and Consumer Products, including food, housewares and office products.

Our combination of integrated digital and traditional marketing and creative services has helped such companies as 3M, Medtronic, Ecolab, Lifetime Brands, Chronic Disease Research Group, Achieve3000, The Erwin Hymer Group (Roadtrek), TSI, NAMSA, Merit Capital, Mason Wells, Cortec Group, Shoreview Industries, Svoboda Capital, Harbour Group, River Associates, Penfund, Watermill Group, Keystone Capital, Dominus Capital, the Chicago Association of Private Equity Executives, JZ Partners, Caliper, Chartwell, Hampton Farms, PB Crave and others achieve lasting digital marketing success. Award-winning design, innovative functionality, and a “what’s next” mindset have propelled MVP and our clients as we build their brands, promote their products and services, and deliver business growth. We’re pleased to have been recognized for our solution-oriented work by the Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, Hermes Awards, MARCOM Awards and others. MVP is a HubSpot inbound marketing agency partner.

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