A Guide to Website SEO Interlinking (Wiki-Style)

By MVP Marketing + Design | January 16, 2019

This post is an introduction to the Search Engine Optimization process of interlinking, a technique for mutually connecting pages of the same website to one another in order to facilitate improved search engine crawling and indexing. The purpose of properly conducted interlinking is achieving higher keyword rankings, site traffic and conversion/sale rates, plus making the site easier for search engine bots to crawl.

If you’re a newcomer to interlinking, we understand. As a well-established digital agency that has been providing Search Engine Optimization as well as Website Design for 20 years, we look forward to sharing our perspective on its value and its importance to your website’s SEO and sales efforts.

Interlinking is Connecting Two or More Web Pages to Each Other

It’s a process by which a product or service description, a page, or a blog post on your site is enriched with corresponding links to your site’s content in order to provide more information to visitors. These give search engines a better idea of how your content relates to the topic of interest. Please note that it’s not as much about satisfying the search engine bots as providing valuable content to people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Most site visitors are looking for information about a certain topic. Provided that the information you offer is valuable, the reader may want to learn more about the subject. Interlinking provides opportunities for the visitor to click through to another page that contains relevant and related information, which, if properly constructed, will contribute to their understanding of your products and services and lead to a conversion event such as purchasing a product, downloading information, completing a form or signing up to a newsletter.

Interlinking is Essential for Both B2B and B2C Websites

If your business, firm or organization isn’t interlinking website pages, you could be missing a major opportunity to increase your visitor’s time on your site, boosting your page rankings and increasing your chances of converting them to a customer or client.

Five Benefits of Interlinking Include:

  1. Increasing a visitor’s time on your site
  2. Boosting the number of pages per visit
  3. Reducing bounce rates by directing visitors to the pages they need most
  4. Increasing your visitor’s knowledge of your brand, products and/or services
  5. Providing greater opportunity for your readers to convert to clients or customers through deeper site engagement

How Does Interlinking Work?

Interlinking works best when you’re attempting to give the user as much relevant information as they need to take an action. That action could be:

  1. Gaining more information on a subject or topic, hence remaining on your site longer
  2. Guiding the user to take a specific action, e.g. complete a form or make a purchase

Essentially, when interlinking, you should consider how you’re going to give your site visitor just enough content to fill their browsing time. You’ll want to meter out enough of it to accomplish the desired action as efficiently as possible.

For example, let’s assume you have just written an article about the extruding manufacturing process. We’ll use Bonnell Aluminum’s “about us” article as an example. The first paragraph of the article reads as follows:

“For decades, Bonnell Aluminum has built a reputation as North America’s leading manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions. With AACOA and Futura investments broadening our market and product reach, we provide one of the most comprehensive range of capabilities in aluminum extruding…”

Since this company has a page on their site dedicated to extrusion, and the reader might be someone in a company looking for a custom extrusion specialist, it would make sense to link the article to the extrusion page.

It would be natural to link the underlined keyword text to the extrusion page as follows:

“For decades, Bonnell Aluminum has built a reputation as North America’s leading manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions.”

This offers the reader more information about the extrusion process and helps them decide whether or not to contact this company.

The MVP SearchMate SEO Process

Interlinking is just one step in our proven MVP SearchMate℠ process.

B2C or B2B, the MVP SearchMate℠ SEO process enhances client websites for increased keyword rankings, site traffic and lead/sales conversion. Additionally, it strengthens the platform from which all other digital marketing efforts derive, including pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media engagement, and inbound marketing.

MVP SearchMate℠ is a client focused, goal-oriented SEO process developed and performed by MVP’s team of SEO industry professionals. Through SearchMate℠, all site content is analyzed, optimized and vetted. These touchpoints include the meta titles and descriptions that search engines used to “read” the site; correct use and display of images (along with their descriptions); and even adjustments to the website’s loading times for the fastest possible speed on mobile devices and desktop computers alike. Last but not least, we also address third-party website linking opportunities which aims to increase a website’s trust and authority with the search engines. Building trust and authority increases the odds of reaching the first page on Google and getting closer to the coveted number one spot.

We invite you to learn more about MVP and our services below. In the meantime, we hope you found this post helpful to your knowledge of search engine interlinking and how it can contribute to your digital marketing success.

About MVP Marketing + Design, Inc.

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