New Boston FinTech Website Design Brings Analytics to Life

Project Challenge

AdvantageData is a leading FinTech provider of credit and credit derivative pricing, and analytical information. With 22 years of experience, AdvantageData continuously builds their reputation as the premier provider of high yield, leveraged, distressed, and illiquid credit pricing, analytics, and reporting.

With offices in Boston (Headquarters), New York City, and London, AdvantageData came to MVP for a unifying website design that would function flawlessly for visitors anywhere. The company required a streamlined way to display complex offerings. They needed to get pinpointed information to a diverse group of traders and investors. The one word wish for their new site: Fast!

Project Solution

MVP began the project with a deep dive into AdvantageData’s offerings. The wireframes are carefully thought-out for an efficient, customized user experience (UX). Every path is designed to expedite the information each visitor is looking for. It also encourages them to browse the site, getting AdvantageData longer session times. And expertly placed calls-to-action are ready to convert clicks into contact information.

It’s difficult to stand out in the financial services industry. White text over photography, left side navigation and custom icons are a few elements that position AdvantageData as a leader in today’s market. Cohesive branding and screenshots complete the look that is unique and engaging. An update wouldn’t be complete without responsive design that allows images and copy resize for handheld screens. Making updates is simple and fast with MVP’s customized version of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). And of course, minimal plugin use results in fast loading times for optimal user experience.

Client Take

“Your team did such a wonderful job with our public website redesign. We are most grateful!”

Rene Robert, President

Website Design & Development
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