Shrubring™ Garden Products:
Made-in-Minnesota Lawn & Garden start-up blossoms with new MVP Shopify website, MarComm, Photography and more!


Shrubring, a Made-in-Minnesota entrepreneurial Lawn & Garden start-up, faced a serious challenge: how to get their innovative shrub protection products into distribution quickly without having all the parts and pieces of their manufacturing and marketing mix aligned for launch. Having invented the first, viable, landscaping weed barrier ring that would prevent ornamental plants and shrubs from either being scorched or strangled due to either surrounding rock heat retention or weed encroachment, Shrubring required a complete set of brand-to-web assets that could be delivered in record time by a single digital agency simultaneously with the ramp-up of their retail and distributor sales efforts.


Turning to MVP’s street-smart team of brand, print and website designers, Shrubring™ required clear and concise visuals that would communicate the ways in which its patented weed barrier ring enables fragile flowers, plants and shrubs to be planted in either sunbaked rock beds while remaining hydrated or when used alternatively with a plastic or cloth barrier, locks out unwanted weeds, dirt and grasses.

Beginning with product labeling enriched by in-house illustration, MVP conceived an explanatory set of creative and colorful labels and POS displays that communicate the way in which Shrubring’s basic and irrigated products produce pristine landscaping results, prevent weeds, and ensure proper plant hydration and nutrition. MVP also created a Shopify e-Commerce website and sales literature enriched by in-house photography. All work was completed remotely despite the challenges of the Corona Virus.


“MVP clearly lived up to its reputation of being a ‘most valuable partner’ to me and the Shrubring sales and marketing team. While we not only faced some initial CV-19 related scheduling challenges, MVP’s highly motivated and interdisciplinary team of marketers, designers, writers, developers and photographers made an incredible difference in helping us launch our unique Shrubring product line on-time and on-budget while helping us secure first mover advantage in the ever-growing home and commercial market for shrub protection products. I recommend MVP without reservation to other start-up entrepreneurs who need a full-service digital marketing team capable of hitting the ground running and getting the job done right.”

Kent Stover, President and Founder

Website Design & Development
Video & Photography
Retail Display & Package Design
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